Westway Traffic vol 23, rare photos, punk tours, Topper and more

Hello everyone welcome back to the blog on this lovely, rainy, chilly night. I realise that sounds like England for 10 months of the year but perhaps I’m just a bit homesick. I just looked at my emails/newsfeed of Clash related stories and realised I better get the Cortina out of the garage and put in some oil as it’s time for another edition of Westway Traffic. If you’re new to the blog Westway traffic is where we try and zip through a number of stories all at once that I don’t have extensive room for on the blog, just click the red links for more news. Off we go, good clutch control needed.

Tour News: It’s always good to see those that have played and toured with The Clash back in the day, it provides a nice line of continuity especially for those of us who weren’t old enough to have seen these acts headlining for/supporting our boys back then. John Cooper Clarke is out on an extensive UK poetry tour that still has two weeks to run. Former/occasional Sex Pistol Glen Matlock is also finishing up a small US tour. Both of these entries remind me I need to remember to write about things when I first read about them. Improvement to follow.

joe strummer blackpool 2002 Westway Traffic vol 23, rare photos, punk tours, Topper and more

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, Blackpool Nov 2002 (image rights 'A9Two' on flickr, see link below)

Pictures of Joe Strummer, November 2002: Just above of course, no link needed except to the source here on Flickr. We don’t see many/enough photos from Joe’s last UK dates so was nice to see this one uploaded from Blackpool on 13/11/2002. Please make sure to visit the link above as there are a series of shots from the same gig. Thanks and credit to ‘A9Two’ on flickr.

DigitalFix reviews Global A-Go-Go reissue: Just a short piece but worth a look, they reckon it was Joe’s “best post-Clash album and showed him to be as relevant as he was in his late 1970s heyday”. Tonight I’d agree with that, check with me again in the morning.

MusicRadar gives overdue props to Topper Headon: A bit of an oversight that Topper didn’t make it in the book they are promoting ‘100 Drum Heroes’ so this piece is part apology and part ‘we made a mistake’ if you ask me. How can you get past a list of ten of fifteen without Topper’s name coming up?

strummer nme cover august 2012 363x450 Westway Traffic vol 23, rare photos, punk tours, Topper and moreStrummerville Merchandise: If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that any extra help we can send towards Strummerville really helps right now, so with the season of shopping coming up how about a t-shirt featuring Joe’s handwritten lyrics to London Calling? I’d need a large if you were wondering.

That Strummer NME Cover for his 60th Birthday: You hopefully all saw the great photo on the left that graced the cover of NME in August, but take the time to take a look at the original photo plus much more of the work by London based Scottish photographer Peter Anderson. After looking through some of these I’d have been perfectly happy to have just been his secretary for the photo shoots he did back in the 1980’s.

Right, I have to get some dinner worked out, if not cooked. Started this post last night and then today has been a bit of a blur so far. Have a great start to your week, I’ll be back soon.


pixel Westway Traffic vol 23, rare photos, punk tours, Topper and more

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8 responses to “Westway Traffic vol 23, rare photos, punk tours, Topper and more”

  1. b says:

    Is it a grey Cortina?

  2. b says:

    Just played Give Em Enough Rope ,still my favourite Clash album.

  3. Cant believe Topper,s omission from the list. The article cries out' Errr, heres one we forgot'. World class stixman.

    • Tim at The Clash Blo says:

      Agreed Stephen, I won't get carried away and proclaim him the greatest drummer of all time (even though it's all objective) but he merits being in that second tier of 10.

  4. The Swede says:

    I caught the first date of the John Cooper Clarke tour a couple of weeks back and had a bit of a 'moment' when I saw that Johnny Green is currently his road manager.

  5. Cathal says:

    And the likes of Travis Barker and Lars Ulrich are in that list? Give me a break!

  6. The Swede says:

    Unfortunately not. My partner was unwell and we left immediately after the show. JCC was extremely gracious and praised The Clash, Johnny and 'Riot of Our Own' from the stage. There were several Clash fans of a similar age to me in the audience, who were clearly equally moved to see the great man setting up a stage once again. There are a few photos of Johnny with JCC around online.

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