The rest of Joe Strummer 1999 interview with John Wilson

12 August 2013 Under: Clash Memories, Clash News, Joe Strummer

Hello fine people wherever you may be and if you’re in Russia sort it out, you’re getting (thoroughly deserved) shit press all around the world at the moment and for good reason. Sort out your disgusting intolerance, free Pussy Riot and wake up to the fact that it’s 2013 from where we’re standing.

joe strummer bw brick The rest of Joe Strummer 1999 interview with John WilsonThat BBC Radio 4 interview on Friday sent me searching for the original source file of the 1999 interview with Joe Strummer by John Wilson that was spliced with the recent chat with the three reamining members of The Clash. Fortunately the internet as ever houses everything and the whole of the September interview in September of that year for Uncut is below, it references there is more to follow with the part 1 notation but perhaps that is implied in the same way Joe Strummer called The Story of The Clash ‘part one’ when that album was titled.

Now I’ve got to see if I kept my copies of Uncut from that year to see if that interview was in part used, it doesn’t ring a bell and for some reason if I’d have heard/read Strummer having a good old go at Salman Rushdie even from 14 years ago it would have stuck in my head.

It reminds me that there are some great archived audio interviews with Joe online still and I hope they’ll always be there for the sake of posterity. The (’99?) interview with Joe at Los Angeles radio station KCRW is one of my very favourites and if you’ve never heard it dig it out – I’ll have to feature it on here one day.

A great listen below all the same and nice to have in one place, if I stumble on more I’ll share it here. Be good.

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pixel The rest of Joe Strummer 1999 interview with John Wilson
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3 Responses to “The rest of Joe Strummer 1999 interview with John Wilson”

  1. Paolo says:

    Have you got the text of the interview? I would like to attempt an italian translation. Thanks!


  2. blureu says:

    Thanks for posting this interview. Would love to hear the KCRW one too.

  3. Are you sure the uncut bit doesn’t means it’s its a non cut copy rather than done for Uncut -- can’t play the stream right now but there’s an (outake?) clip from an radio four interview (in that radio 1 clash doc presented by one of the manics) where Joe has a strop about the interviews agender re the Clash -- same one?

    Found this in the Guardian “I’ve been on the receiving end of proper rock-star ire before. Joe Strummer once lost the plot in a hotel bedroom when -- during an interview in which I was expected to be discussing his new solo album -- I dwelled too long on the subject of his much-loved former band. Clash? We certainly did. Furniture flew, voiced were raised, bedroom windows were flung open. Then we made it up in the hotel bar over the course of several glorious Clash-anecdote-filled hours.”

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