The Clash, scratching an ebay itch. Posters, picture discs and t-shirts

Good morning to you from a sunny but a bit chilly Clash Blog towers. Nothing exciting to report here. Actually that’s a complete fabrication, The Specials are going to be here in March so I think that’s a great time for me to pretend I’m 14 years old again, along with 3,000 others with the exact same plan.

I am the opposite of Arsenal this month, they have cash to burn and won’t spend it whereas I’m broke and would like to. Not on a football player of course but just on myself to you know, thank myself for being so diligent thus far in 2013. I thought I’d have a look on ebay and see what Clash items are under the hammer, share them with you and then live vicariously through you as you enjoy making the purchase and telling me what I’m missing. A laudable idea I’m sure you’ll agree so let’s get started, as always click on the red to visit the item.

the clash book miles 344x450 The Clash, scratching an ebay itch. Posters, picture discs and t shirts Out of print book on The Clash – $0.99: The price is certainly right (at the moment) and you don’t often see this 1981 tome kicking around. Yes it’s only 50 pages and was a risky effort (via the NME) to compile a book on a band who were still writing their own history. I think, but could be wrong that it is simply outtakes from the music weekly but would still be nice to own. Worth looking at the listing for the additional pages shown. Ships from the US / auction ends in 4 days.

2000 Joe Strummer & Mescaleros Japan concert tour street flyer – $9.95:  I have a feeling that Joe Strummer post-The Clash memorabilia although newer might begin to grow quickly in popularity. I’m not someone who thinks an old poster or rare bootleg should be fetching hundreds of pounds or dollars though, but I’d be naive to pretend it doesn’t happen. Thus something like this priced sensibly and not going to be seen in everyone else’s home study with a built in Clash shrine is a smart purchase. As for me I have a framed photograph torn from the pages of an Uncut magazine of Joe that sits on my desk, cost no more than the frame and serves me well every single day. No auction, buy it now – ships from Tokyo.

the clash 1982 poster The Clash, scratching an ebay itch. Posters, picture discs and t shirtsThe Clash 1982 concert poster – $275: Here’s a perfect example of what I don’t see the average Clash fan (we’re not average!) being able or willing to afford. It is a nice poster admittedly and advertises the 1982 dates at The Hollywood Palladium supported by The Beat. I also accept that you’re not going to find it at a local flea market or car boot sale any time soon, but at a price that could get you few weeks groceries or new clothes for the family is it really realistic? Auction ends later day, ships from a secret bunker in a volcano.

The Clash – Straight to Hell/Should I Stay 7″ Picture Disc $31: Pure nostalgia here for me as this was the first picture disc I ever purchased. I remember it sitting proudly on my bedroom wall in its plastic sleeve for a good few years which was a great place for it, not least because of the sound quality being abysmal. While I still love owning it the audio sacrifices meant that I gave up on purchasing picture discs very soon afterwards. Buy it now, no auction, ships from Australia (where picture discs are still considered hip…I jest).

the clash out of control 700x630 The Clash, scratching an ebay itch. Posters, picture discs and t shirtsThe Clash ‘Out of Control’ tour t-shirt $650: I owned one of these too, but I lost it during the ravages of time. I could have been rich if I had known but it was an ugly t-shirt and went the way of so many I used to own I expect. I was counting the other day with the Bloggette and worked out that this is the 20th different place I’ve lived so far in my life, so it’s a wonder I still have anything from the 1980’s. No idea if this price makes sense but that’s up to you to decide. Auction ends in 3 days, ships from Newport Pagnell.

That’s enough of that for now, happy window shopping. I’ll be back tomorrow and thank for reading the blog.



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18 responses to “The Clash, scratching an ebay itch. Posters, picture discs and t-shirts”

  1. Badpro Fessor via Facebook says:

    I have the 2 versions.The only band that matters.

  2. Francisco Sanchez Perujo via Facebook says:

    lo tengo desde 1981 ,en frances ,comprado en Belgica

  3. Tony says:

    I’ve got the book and I am sure I’ve still got an ‘Out of Control’ tour t-shirt somewhere. I am just totally gobsmacked at the price of the t-shirt. Surely no one will pay that much.
    I was only thinking recently of digging it out and seeing if it still fits after reading this I think I had better put in a glass case instead!

  4. Tracey Blanchard says:

    Had the book, but lost it somewhere along the way, although I also have an updated version somewhere that came out in the late 1980’s.

  5. David Bernstein via Facebook says:

    I bought this book in ’83

  6. Hatch says:

    Especial since that T-shirt is a knock off. I thought it looked a little funny so I check w/ me mate Clash Girl and she spotted it immediately as a fake. That t-shirt is a knock off.

    • Gil W says:

      Hatch, why do you think the t-shirt is a knock off? After comparing it w/ pics of real ones, it looks legit to me. It’s weird, though, that a lot of “vintage” t-shirts are located in Malaysia of all places.

  7. David Bernstein via Facebook says:

    It was Great! Although @ the time it didn’t cover Combat Rock.

  8. Gil W says:

    Tim, I must’ve missed that USA Today article about it.

  9. was it original transcripts from NME stuff?

  10. Badpro Fessor via Facebook says:

    The 2nd edition had everything until the very end.

  11. Francisco Sanchez Perujo via Facebook says:

    NME y CBS archivos

  12. CCRGMac says:

    Well thanks Tim, you prompted me to finally dig out my much loved (and way too small!) Complete Control T-shirt and list it on eBay ( -- no knock-off here, I’ve owned it for 35 years. For those who say the price is too high on these, I was gobsmacked too, but I thought I’d give it a try, inviting bidders to make an offer and see what happens.

    (Tim -- feel free to delete this if it’s an inappropriate place for a link)


    • Tim at The Clash Blog says:

      I wasn’t trying to encourage you to sell an heirloom! If someone wants to purchase it via the site and avoid ebay fees let me know and we’ll get you in touch with Colin.

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