The Clash Cup Matches 15 & 16, get your votes in!

How to determine the best ever songs by The Clash? A tournament…and we’ve been going over a week now. It’s all random and your votes matter! I’ve got some new results back to see which songs we can say goodbye to.

Match 9 – Kingston Advice over Look Here 27-10

Match 10 - Jimmy Jazz over If Music Could Talk 29-10

No major shocks there as Sandinista! gets one song (from 3) through to the next round of voting. Jimmy Jazz will need to come up against something strong to be knocked out I think. So…more random number generating is in order for the next quartet of Clash songs under review:

I Never Did It vs       The Cool Out

Would you buy a professionally filmed and recorded DVD of a Justice Tonight gig?

  • Yes (96%, 27 Votes)
  • No (4%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 28

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Hitsville UK vs       Long Time Jerk

Which song kicks of a Clash album best?

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Again some oddities which is to be expected when we start with so many tracks but fair is fair. The only one there I can (perhaps) see creeping into the final 32 is Hitsville UK, but I only have one vote so prove me wrong (as Joe once sang). I’ve got some links and info that might help your decisions – or not.

I Never Did It – I included this early early track just because something from the summer of ’76 catalog that never got pressed deserved to be in the mix. It’s a really raw number and shows that even early on Mick was more than capable of some guitar ‘noodling’ there’s actually a nice solo. Can’t help you much with the lyrics, sorry but hear it for yourself by clicking the title.

The Cool Out - Compared with the song above it shows what changes took place in 4 1/2 years, not just to The Clash but to the music industry. This of course was the dance/remix of The Call Up, from 1980-1986 you simply had to remix songs as the 12″ single initially took off via clubs and then became the normal method for  releases. I’ve got far too many ‘dance edits’ of tracks I never needed, but this isn’t one of them as it’s a good remix.

HitsvilleUK The Clash Cup Matches 15 & 16, get your votes in!

Hitsville UK

Hitsville UK – An unlikely choice for a single, Hitsville UK was the first time The Clash felt the wrath of the UK music press. The review “Finally Mick and Joe have gone mad”. I think it’s a great song for being so atypical and includes lyrics that remain applicable to an industry that ate it’s own arms off.

Long Time Jerk - A Super Black Market Clash track with a hybrid rockabilly skiffle with some odd samples. All the same an enjoyable vocal performance by Joe, I can’t see this track progressing in the cup. Surely one of the most ‘heard’ Clash b-sides as it backed ‘Rock The Casbah’

Thanks for your continued voting….Tim

pixel The Clash Cup Matches 15 & 16, get your votes in!
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  1. Karl says:

    Tim, I voted for "The Cool Out" cos I dont think I've heard "I never…". I wonder, can we expect to see "How Can I Understand the Flies" at some point?

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