The Clash Blog 2013 review part one

Hello good people and welcome back to the blog after a short break for the festive period. I hope yours went well and you got what you wanted for Christmas, I’ve managed to eat far too much in general and specifically chocolate thus far so I’m wondering how many calories blogging burns. Expect more updates than usual perhaps in the days ahead.

It’s become a tradition at the end of the year to take a look back at the most popular stories of the last 12 months on the blog and by most popular I mean the most viewed. It doesn’t automatically make them the most important tales of 2013 but gives a good flavour of events if you’re either new to the blog, visit now and then or just enjoy these summaries. It’s been another busy year for all things Clash with a higher profile for the band as a collective with the new release of a box set (Sony…hello..still waiting) and Hits Back which has dominated proceedings but a lot of other things have happened too. Next year I’m planning to change a few things on both sites, deliver more updates and perhaps focus on either a fundraiser (or fundraisers) for some Clash murals or the renaming of something in London or something else entirely. Ideas we’ve touched on before but enough talk, it’s time for action. For now then a review of the year about to conclude spread over three parts beginning with January through April.


Lists almost always stir up quite a bit of interest and the ‘Most Influential Albums of All-Time’ (besides The Clash) was the most read item of the month. Of course such lists are very arbitrary, for a start who defines the word influential anyway? While you can’t deny that The Clash and others spawned a hundred or more garage bands, who influenced The Clash? Also, was it more important to consider the influence of the artists that impacted Mick who created the music or Joe with the lyrics? The list itself is linked in the blog post and includes The Clash debut record as well as London Calling, as for me especially with 30 years to think about it – I’d have to say Sandinista! is easily one of the most influential albums I’ve ever heard too.


plaza joe strummer grenada karl s 337x450 The Clash Blog 2013 review part one

one of the earliest photos we saw from Granada (with thanks/image rights to Karl S)


Henry Rollins tends to talk a lot and with his own blog maintains a large audience for his writing. I almost wish that someone had convinced Joe Strummer to blog but it’s hard to imagine him wanting to take the time to type up his thoughts on a regular basis, isn’t that what lyrics are for? Anyway this article which explains how Henry Rollins remains angry and a Clash fan was very popular for some reason, in fact one of the most read articles of the year. While he can often prattle complete nonsense (yeah I know…shut up) he always pays homage to The Clash which is no bad thing overall. It is not like fucking Piers Morgan supporting Arsenal.


In February I launched The Clash Blog – News to allow me the scope to write more and also about things that weren’t always specifically about The Clash and I’m happy to say the the new site has had over 75,000 visits already which is over 20% of all visits to the blog which is decent overall so thanks for reading it. The most popular article in March was from there and about the then forthcoming Still Little Fingers tour of Europe and if you’re reading Jake, hello. If somehow you’ve never checked out the sister site to the blog now is a great time.


I mentioned murals up above and this year saw the new one for Joe Strummer in London along with the dedication of a square bearing his name in Granada, Spain in the spring. Back in April Karl S (thanks again sir) was one of the first people to take the trip down to the sunshine even before it was completed and dedicated later this year and his First Pictures of Plaza de Joe Strummer was the most popular post of April.

That’s your lot for now, I’ve left this a bit late but should be back with parts two and three before we change the calendar or very soon thereafter. Keep yourself well stocked up (especially Toronto readers) and we’ll talk soon. I also must ask – what was your highlight of the year? (Clash related or otherwise)

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4 responses to “The Clash Blog 2013 review part one”

  1. Was a bit cynical about the 2013 Remasters,but when you hear them it’s the closest you’ll get to being in the studio with Joe & the boys.Especially if you crank them up real loud 😉 Superb job by Mick :-)

  2. The clash expo was brilliant , great to get up close , the new sound system box set , all great well done nick paul and topper

  3. The Clash Jam Wallop gig in Dublin 21 Dec for me -- Great stuff

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