The Clash at Ruisrock Festival 1979, rare footage

Monday again, there was nothing I could do to avoid it. I am sorry. I decided to start the week by jumping on the bike and cycling like a madman in the rain this morning and it did feel good however when I got back it was still Monday. Thankfully I’ve got more than gloomy tales about the dawn of a new work week thanks to esteemed video creator and he who seeks out Clash related freshness Gil W. You’ve hopefully already seen his YouTube page but if not I’d recommend you head over there today.

Gil uncovered another piece of footage I’d never seen before that was just uploaded and by my logic it ought to be new to you too. If you were a kid in the mid-late 70′s and your Dad (or Uncle) was as annoying as mine you probably were caught repeatedly on Ciné film/Super 8 home recordings dependent on what you called it at your house. While in those days the 8mm film for the home user didn’t capture sound it did record good quality footage of whatever your family was doing., anyway that’s enough rambling from me.

ruisrock the clash The Clash at Ruisrock Festival 1979, rare footage So below we have a 2.5 minute clip of The Clash performing live plus audience at the Ruisrock Festival in Turku, Finland on August 4th, 1979. As I mentioned no audio but they’ve added White Riot to the clip, I’d recommend watching it with no sound as it’s essentially a distraction. It’s amateur film but still good for it featuring lots of audience shots of flicked hair Scandinavians, both the curious and local punks it would seem. The weather looked delightful for Finland and The Clash are going at it with great gusto on stage. Some good closeups of Joe plus Mick and Paul throwing some great shapes on stage, for a festival there seems to be a lot of room down the front which might be due to the significant distance between  audience and stage. It also might be the earliest footage of The Clash playing outdoors in summer sunshine!

You’ll probably try and figure out which song(s) the band were playing but it might prove difficult as the film jumps back and forth to the audience so frequently. I also enjoyed the unhappy looking security men and policeman (perhaps) who have that expression of pure discomfort for the new wave of music being blasted out on stage. Thanks again to Gil and for more details on the gig there is no finer place than the Black Market Clash website. Thanks also to Timo Lähteenmäki for the upload.

From a historic perspective this was The Clash arguably at the very height of their ascent, the gig was a run for cash but this was the summer of 1979 the same summer that saw the creation of London Calling. Hope you enjoy and please share with abandon and if you want to fill my coffee/bandwidth (see right margin) that’d be very appreciated.

The Clash at Ruisrock Festival, Finland – 1979

pixel The Clash at Ruisrock Festival 1979, rare footage
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11 Responses to “The Clash at Ruisrock Festival 1979, rare footage”

  1. mick right of joe -- paul on the left -- not seen that before :0

  2. Pete Stevens says:

    Absolutely fantastic footage Tim. Thanks Gil, really appreciate seeing this. Super 8 film is something I used (along with 16mm) at college in the eighties and it has an amazing ‘quality’ unlike the home video from the period. This captures something akin to Jack Hazan and David Mingay’s Rude Boy footage… I actually like it with the music and think it’s been edited together pretty well. Very punk rock.

  3. Gil Warguez via Facebook says:

    Joe lost his shirt…literally.

  4. Neal Wright via Facebook says:

    Think I saw this on the ‘Loving the Clash’ fb page earlier today

  5. They’re definitely playing Police and Thieves at 1:29. Why were they so cool? I wish every day I was born 30 years earlier.

  6. Jonas Picko Lundborg via Facebook says:

    I was there, great gig and a good party.

  7. Good party except for a couple of minutes of weird fighting in the men’s room at the hotel discotheque.

  8. Anjarval says:

    Yes i Was there too, they played some songs from London Calling (Four Horsemen)and i remember Mick usling a Stratocaster on
    Stay Free.

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