The blog revived….are you still here to read it?

Hello once again….remember me? I realise it’s been a long time with no activity and this isn’t due to any sort of ceasefire on the blogging front but more a matter of life getting in the way. I know excuses have their uses but the move of ClashBlog Towers to San Diego has resulted in my time being a bit limited in recent weeks coupled with a number of complications that I may get into covering (briefly) in the days ahead. Needless to say I’ve done an awful job with the blog in recent weeks so I hope that my words tonight still find enough of you checking in for your Clash fix. There’s been a lot of news too so we’ll need to do a review of events and there is every chance you might have the inside scoop on stories that I’ve not even had a chance to review yet.

strummerkiss 525x700 The blog revived....are you still here to read it?What I do know is that Mick Jones is getting some richly due recognition by the music industry, Strummerville are getting the Strummer Days Strummer festival in order and some pop/soul singer nobody has mentioned for a decade drowned in the bath apparently. I’ll get to those stories and more in the days ahead and realistically expect the blog to get back to near daily ration no later than the first half of next week. Currently I’m back in Phoenix briefly wrapping up some loose ends but I’ve had a chance to set up my new office/blogging HQ in San Diego so when I return I can get back to near normal (photos to follow but the office is very Clashed up…I love it). No tragic news at my end but just things that had to be addressed. I wanted to thank you for the many emails I’ve received during my time away checking if I was alright and suggestions for Clash stories and such. I’ll dedicate time this weekend to replying to emails and getting the blog back in order to start daily(ish) postings when I get back home. I’m in the old (now empty) home as I write this lying onΒ  a carpet with a house with no furniture or fixtures to speak of – it all feels very Joe Strummer squatting circa 1975/6 ….I should start a band if there was a pub we could roll the equipment to in a pram. Speaking of gigs I see that Buzzcocks are coming to San Diego in April (the 18th…and a 10 minute drive from the new abode) so if there are any Clash Blog readers in So. California let’s get together for a pint of brown.

Stay tuned – thanks for your patience – I’ll be back soon. Tim

pixel The blog revived....are you still here to read it?

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15 responses to “The blog revived….are you still here to read it?”

  1. Gil Warguez via Facebook says:

    Welcome back.

  2. Gil Warguez via Facebook says:

    Welcome back.

  3. Donna says:

    Yay Tim and Blogette! Hope your new home is good, keep fightin’ the good fight!!

  4. ’bout damn time! πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to the full fledged return. Maybe even the Clash cup I’ve been following for over a year now! πŸ˜›

  5. Ian says:

    Welcome back Tim and good luck/congratulations on the move. Relocated myself last October and I’m still surrounded by unopened boxes -- where did all this stuff come from??

  6. Pete Stevens says:

    Brilliant to see you back online Tim ! We’re all waiting with baited breath and I may have news on some great stuff to offer Clash fans in aid of a good cause… More to follow ! Please revive the Clash Cup and I’ll promise not to mention Italian football clubs !

    • Tim at The Clash Blog says:

      Thanks Pete….The Clash Cup will be back soon….You can mention AC Milan if you like, seeing as you aren’t in the Champions League (nor will be next year) it’s a very fragile perch :)

  7. cha says:

    Welcome back hope all works out well with the move

  8. Welcome back Tim. Rather missed the blog. : )

  9. Pete Stevens says:

    I wouldn’t mention fragile perches Tim….It seems very quiet in North London tonight. The Arsenal Tavern, The Bank of Friendship and The Worlds End all closed early tonight apparently….

  10. Mark says:

    Thanks be to jaysus you’re back, I thought I broke the blog when I first came across it back in mid Jan….. Good to see you back in the saddle, and looking forward to more insidiousness:)


    • Tim at The Clash Blog says:

      Thanks Mark ~ bad time to find the blog with my hiatus. Still I hope you found time to read some of the older posts…

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