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The Clash Cup – Round 2 Match 8

clashlive 300x225 The Clash Cup   Round 2 Match 8Good morning Clash world how goes it? Still no license plate and no fall out from the kebab last night so it’s a net neutral I’d have to say. Been working on our website in our quest for world domination in blog design, alright I exaggerate. Coffee has brewed, found a decent new music player online that actually seems like it will be worth bookmarking and I’m wearing my best ‘can do’ approach towards the weekend. I actually have to get out back today and clean the grill which is not my favourite task but makes the food taste a lot better and reduces the risk of an explosion which would take out the back third of the house.

Seems like a good morning to fire up another round of The Clash Cup as we get deeper into round 2 and only the big boys remain. Before we sort out the new pairing (selected very officially via this site) we need to review the last vote which frankly was a devastatingly one-sided affair.

Career Opportunities        defeated       Last Gang In Town              61-6

It didn’t take a brave gambler to think that the winner would be Career Opps but still the margin of the win was pretty remarkable. I think to a certain extent the early 10-0 head start made some voters want to pick the sure winner. However you slice it that was a bad result for ‘Give em Enough Rope’. I’ve a theory that the better Mick’s hair was at the time of recording the better the chance the song will win. I’ll need a powerpoint presentation to prove my theory but just you wait and see. Let’s move away from the rubble of that result and see what we have next, and I’d say it will be a closer call having just picked the numbers.

Round 2 Match 8

Lightning Strikes      vs       48 Hours

Nice one indeed and I’m feeling some weird symbolism which is daft, as I write it is of course the early stages of our 48 hours and last night we had more lightning than rain (which in truth is always the case here). Two tracks that I’ll suggest won’t be around at the final 16 stage but one is assured an unlikely run into the third round. You probably disagree but neither song is often on my top list of Clash songs I have to hear when I’ve only got 4 minutes of available time. Both songs are good but not what I’d consider to the best in the Clash stable of their respective vintages, though you’re welcome to disagree.

Form book:

Round 1 – Lightning Strikes defeated Crooked Beat                        66% of the vote

Round 1 – 48 Hours defeated Three Card Trick                                 78% of the vote


This is a bit like trying to guess if Huddersfield will beat Preston really but I think it will be very close thing. Its time for all the lovers of S! to rally together and see Lightning Strikes through to round 3. I know 48 Hours will get a lot of support but its possible that the other early Clash songs will see much more interest. I’d say Lightning Strikes by the thinnest of margins.


No brilliant insight to offer here, I do think it important to note that Lightning Strikes was written and and recorded in 1980. Not only had The Clash not really made anything that sounded anything like it but nobody else was making music quite like it. Its a great example of Joe’s trust in Mick to really expand the style of the band and Strummer in turn just marrying a lyrical rhythm to match the song itself.  I rarely throw the video in the voting mix but this clip from Barcelona in ’81 is well worthy. As for 48 Hours, you’re not really a Clash fan unless this has gone through your head on a Friday night on the way home from work. I’d suggest listening to this version from  1976 and see how the track evolved in the months between then and when it was recorded. Good Stuff! The rest is up to you…thanks for voting and tell me if it was a tough decision…even now I’m not quite sure which to pick. If you get two minutes can you vote for the blog on the right under ‘best pop culture blog’ we’ve a chance to go top 10!

Which Clash song stays in The Clash Cup?

  • Lightning Strikes (not once but twice) (53%, 27 Votes)
  • 48 Hours (47%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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