Strummerville event set for The Elgin, Wilko Johnson inspires

Good morning, the weekend has arrived. You should be out doing something good, but I appreciate you dropping in all the same. I’m hoping to get to the beach today or tomorrow and of course I’ll send a postcard now that the warm weather has returned.

Years ago (1985) when I was too young to know much better I used to wander around West London with friends on warm summer weekends (that’s how I remember it), visiting markets and stopping in pubs and having a pint here and there hoping that we might just bump into Joe Strummer or Mick Jones if we had picked the right neighbourhood. Pre-internet it wasn’t as easy to have your Clash history to hand but I knew that Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill or the surrounding environs were each a good call. We never saw anyone of note unless you count a rather stinky Kevin Rowland (he was bladdered) in a rough pub near Kilburn.

strummerville presents elgin1 Strummerville event set for The Elgin, Wilko Johnson inspiresWe knew enough history though to try The Elgin from time to time but it had more old locals than young punk rockers by the mid-80’s. The quest went to a new level as I ended up leaving my basement flat in Central London for the relative glamour of half a house off of Goldhawk Road. A wise decision as any concert in Hammersmith was a short walk as were any number of good pubs before the Australian invasion of 1987. Still, I never bumped into a former Clash member but the hope kept you going. It sounds daft and innocent years later but I was a music obsessed 18 year old, as opposed to an older version of the same thing now.

Suitably enough it’s the famed Elgin that will be hosting the first Strummerville concert of 2013 in a series of gigs that will spotlight artists that the foundation supports and raised funds at the same time. The Elgin will never win awards for the most stylish pub in London but it used to have sporadic bouts with being hip. It’s a long time since I’ve been but I think it’s great that Strummerville chose the location for the gig. March 1 is the date in question and I’d suggest getting there around 7pm, admission is free and below is the official blurb.

This is our first event of the year and will be on 1st March 2013 at the fabulous Elgin on Ladbroke Grove. Come down and support these fantastic acts:

The Meat and Onions Gang



Bob Doyle on the decks.

Facebook event page:


Onto other news before heading out, I know many of you were as saddened as me to read about Wilko Johnson and his health prognosis at the start of the year. It’s left many with a heavy heart but if you’ve seen or heard any interviews with Wilko over the intervening weeks I don’t know how you could fail to be inspired by his mentality and spirit. I can’t picture myself handling his situation with anything like the same courage so surely there is so much to be learned here. What a chap and what an inspiration. I so hope that many of you are able to see him on his tour in March.


Wilko Johnson interview on BBC Breakfast 15/2/13


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7 responses to “Strummerville event set for The Elgin, Wilko Johnson inspires”

  1. Bill Ricci via Facebook says:

    Hi read your article -- I guess you’ve not been in The Elgin for a while if you think it’s not stylish … it’s very stylish inside now -- very clean and is frequented by a good mix of local people -- maybe a little posh even -- it’s not my fave pub as it doesn’t sell the German of Belgian beer I prefer -- but it’s still a great local bar with live music most nights.

  2. Pete Stevens says:

    Have to add Bill that it’s also a little on the ‘pricey’ side, even for West London. I went there a few weeks ago before Gary Stonadge’s 50th birthday party. Back in the day (ish) in the summer of 1982 I lived at 354 Westbourne Park Road above what was then the pool room of the pub. It definitely is a step away from the fairly rough old boozer. There was a band playing when I went there recently, but it was all rather quite, tame and sanitized…..Gentrification of the Grove.

  3. It’s easily more than 20 years Bill, I stopped looking for Joe in pubs a long time ago.

  4. Bill Ricci via Facebook says:

    You were looking in the wrong places i’m afraid. The Portobello Star was one of his local faves along with The Earl of Percy, he also liked The Warwick Castle too before he got barred. Cheers.

  5. Bill Ricci via Facebook says:

    Found this great Portobello site today tells u a bit more :

  6. Bill Ricci via Facebook says:

    I was in The Portobello Star on Christmas Eve -- enjoyed the atmosphere and creative cocktails as well as some great choices of beer. Full of posh local kids tho’ -- they were friendly enough tho’ 😉

  7. Warwick Castle was checked often…to no avail.

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