Strummer’s Eve and Boxing Day Clash radio

Hello and welcome back and I hope this finds you all well. It’s chucking it down outside and much colder too, now this feels much more like Christmas. Just what was called for.

We’re just a day away now from the 11th anniversary of Joe Strummer passing and I’m trying to decide how to run the traditional live blog with other commitments looming. One way or another I’ll have a live blog of some sort and would love for you as always to post your memories, favourite quotes, favourite lyrics, photos or videos of Joe as we remember and be inspired by his all too brief 50 years. I must confess as I inch closer to that age it seems even more unfair of an early loss than it did at the time. Still missing Joe…as if that needs to be said.

There’s also news of something for Boxing Day and if you live in a civilised country (not the one with 50 states) then chances are you have the day off work to relax, spend time with family and friends or just camp yourself in front of the telly and watch football from England. I’ve never worked December 26th even since moving here and don’t plan on starting this year so I hope you will join me in this small protest and if you do there’s some Clash on the radio…so read on.

I wonder if someone has got Sound System for me for Christmas – the boxes under the tree don’t look promising as of now and no bastards from Sony have been in touch which goes to show that free advertising is more than a bit taken for granted. Scrooge hat firmly back in place. Back to Boxing Day Then.

strummer jones rear 3 4 Strummers Eve and Boxing Day Clash radioWe had a rash of radio appearances back in Sep/Oct by Topper, Mick and Paul you’ll remember and I tried to link to most of them on the site if you go back and check. On December 26th you’ll want to tune into BBC 6 Music to hear a special Clash feature from 1pm-3pm GMT (6am-8am EST). The two hour broadcast will feature Mick, Topper and Paul chatting about the band and helping to author the playlist on the show from their own choices. The official blurb is below and here’s the link to the show (it will be archived for a week also), Boxing Day will be a great day on 6 Music  for us overall as you can see from the schedule as at midnight Don Letts recounts the bond between New York and The Clash and 24 hours later a selection of outtakes from Joe Strummer’s London Calling broadcasts for the BBC.

Even as I finish writing this I can’t deny that this weekend is already dominated by the thoughts of missing Joe. I try like mad to stick to ‘be inspired…not saddened’ and I truly feel that is the best approach but shit, you can’t deny that it really does ache this weekend that bit extra. Just last night I was out at a pub and the great photo of The Clash by the door on the way out made me pause and touch the frame of the picture, just an hour or so earlier the jukebox had played Bankrobber and it reminded me that Joe is always going to be with us so long as we are open to that.

Let’s try and make the best of the weekend and I’ve got to run all over town with holiday preparations so the live blog might be very sporadic tomorrow, but I hope to see you here. I’ll most likely start late this evening my time (early Sunday morning in Europe) so please take part if you’re around.

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pixel Strummers Eve and Boxing Day Clash radio
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13 Responses to “Strummer’s Eve and Boxing Day Clash radio”

  1. Down at the bauxite mine
    You get your own uniform
    Have lunchtimes off
    Take a monorail to your home

  2. I saw them in NY city once and some Asshole threw a bottle at Joe

  3. Faaiza Arlene Bode via Facebook says:

    Everytime I think about what tomorrow is, I can’t help getting misty-eyed, a lump in my throat, and a sinking sensation in my heart.

  4. zappa birthday today too-20th anniv of his death earlier this month….lotsa great musical and spiritual loss …sometimes its right to feel bad for a little while…totally appropriate to the events that have transpired….

  5. Herpreet Kaur Grewal via Facebook says:


  6. Ben Rupp via Facebook says:

    very much so, I miss this man. The first piece of music that I ever bought with my own money was an 8 track of London Calling (I still have it on a dusty shelf). What followed was a lifetime of admiration for John Graham Mellor. His death was heartbreaking, although in hindsight, it happening when I was home for Christmas, with my mother gently breaking the news to me may have been the sweetest way to hear the news. We miss you Joe.

  7. I do not understand you now, has changed. :)

  8. Bill Ricci via Facebook says:

    No -- i celebrate a persons life and music. You cherish the memories and what they brought to you and others. -- Just keep a place in your heart ;)

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