Strummercamp 8 early warning for tickets and Arms Aloft now sold out but you can get the t-shirt

Hello again, I realise it’s been a while and I have no good excuses so I won’t even bother. Trust all is well in your particular corner of the world wherever that may be. I expect the blog might be a little slow on updates this week as I’m in a bit of a hole work wise at present which I need to try and dig myself out of, but for today at least it is a Monday and a holiday Monday at that so I’ll get back on track starting tomorrow most likely. There is however quite a bit of news to get through so we’ll try and take some of that to task to get the week started.

Strummercamp 8 tickets are about to go on sale! Needless to say the festival is as ever very affordable and set to take place over the late May bank holiday weekend. Early bird ticket will be available starting this Friday evening (November 16) and I hope with advance warning many of you will be able to make it up to Manchester to kick start next summer. You only need to visit their site to see the quality of previous year’s lineups and I read nothing but good things about the festival year after year. Pricing (early bird special I believe) : adult weekend tickets £55 and child weekend ticket £15. They are also offering a family pass (2 adults, 2 children for £120. For more information and to keep abreast of announcements as they come visit and/or follow their facebook page right here. More news as it becomes available.

Since we last spoke the US election took place and we have four additional years of Barack Obama being roadblocked by a Republican house and aided by a Democratic senate. All that money spent and the net result is no change. Let’s see if the next term is better than the first, I’m cautiously optimistic and simply based on social issues am pleased with the outcome. Would be very nice to see a third party gain some traction in the US but I can’t see the existing two ever allowing that to happen. I don’t know what Mitt will now be doing but seeing as one of his homes is just down the road perhaps I’ll bump into him at the supermarket soon, perhaps we’ll go for a beer. I hope you were relatively happy with the results?

arms aloft acton tshirt Strummercamp 8 early warning for tickets and Arms Aloft now sold out but you can get the t shirtI was thrilled to see that the Arms Aloft in Acton gig this coming weekend (at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill) has now completely sold out, so I hope you didn’t leave it too long to get tickets. If you are going and fancy writing a review of the event just let me know, I’d also love a t-shirt if anyone can manage that. The shirts are worth grabbing even if you can’t attend and are pictured on the left. Even if you can’t make it along they are priced at £20 and all profits will be going to Jail Guitar Doors and Strummerville, can’t say fairer than that. Here’s the link if you fancy shopping for yourself or getting me a Christmas gift.

Right then, I better press on with getting some work done. Sorry for the delays, I’ll be back soon with more ‘ill-informed garbage’ as the blog was recently described by a very kind troll reader. You know who you are….I love you really.

For more infomation:

Strummercamp 8 | Arms Aloft | Strummerville | Jail Guitar Doors


pixel Strummercamp 8 early warning for tickets and Arms Aloft now sold out but you can get the t shirt
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