Strummer Square draws applause from all corners

Hello good people of planet Clash, it’s the weekend…even here. It’s very late on Friday night after a rather busy day and I’m about 30 minutes from calling it a day so this might not get completed until Saturday. I’m keen to finish though as we’ve had a post every day so far this year.

You missed a good laugh over on the Facebook page for the site today as we had a brief installment of Clash trivia, bloody smart you lot are I have to say. If you didn’t read it at the time go and have a look and see how many you get right; 3 out of 6 would be exceptional. So what to write about today then? I honestly don’t know as I didn’t check the newswires or even email so I’m like a stand up comic with no jokes to offer. Don’t forget if you’re in or near New York City there is still time to enter your name in the drawing for two tickets to the giant Joe Strummer night coming up soon (see the post on Wednesday). 

I’ve been amazed at the media going a bit mad with excitement about the Joe Strummer Plaza news from Spain. Can you imagine the reaction if London (or Glasgow or New York) made a similar gesture? Here’s a sample of the stories zipping online like Theo Walcott getting paid far too much money.

Time magazine (yes, really) had a headline story but their journalistic verve is just horrendous. Try this on for size and save your rotten fruit for Samantha Grossman who wrote the piece:

“Fans of the Clash who are bored with the U.S.A. should maybe head to Spain, where they can hang out in a plaza dedicated to the band’s front man, Joe Strummer” of course have a nice short piece worth a look and rather politely refer to Mick Jones’ departure from The Clash as if he wandered into Kings Cross and grabbed a ticket to Peterborough by choice. Now it seems that the campaign to make this happen in Granada all began on Facebook, so don’t take my/their idea and run off with it for London – I want to do it via the blog/Facebook for London so if you nick the idea I’ll set up a petition to take your petition down, or something of that ilk. By all means start a petition for Watford, Toledo or Leeds but leave London to me if you would. I only learned this via a  WXRT (Chicago’s sometimes great FM station) story in relation to Joe but I’m sure it’s true and I’m too tired to fact check. Look at how poor old XRT have to build their website name to include CBSLocal in the domain, takes away all the romance doesn’t it? Even NBC News tired of writing about the usual mix of pop and rap for one day. If you search online you’ll also see this making the news in Spain, France and Germany to name just three.

Strummer Spain Strummer Square draws applause from all corners

Joe Strummer, not in Wolverhampton

Finally in non Clash news I thought that the idea by Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth (ex Talking Heads, still Tom Tom Club) to make a charity single that benefits the Newtown Youth Foundation and support for the families of the victims of the recent school shooting in Connecticut was especially nice. I know they live very nearby and if you correspond with Chris on Facebook you’ll know how sincere his efforts are here. I also am just a mad keen lover of Talking Heads so am happy to give that a plug.

As expected I didn’t finish this last night, it is now Saturday morning and it is meant to be 80f today so I’m heading to the beach. Late addition and contender for the winner of misuse of Clash lyrics award winner is this photo courtesy of none other than Ray Gange. I hope your weekend is as sunny in spirit, sorry about the snow in England. Once last thought….Lance Armstrong you can piss off now.  Tim


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14 responses to “Strummer Square draws applause from all corners”

  1. that should read 'Busy weekend planned' but my secretary doesn't work Saturdays….

  2. Wayne Hatchel via Fa says:

    I reposted it then Clash Girl reposted and it has been spreading over facebook due to all of us pushing it on here. He was our mate and we miss him so anything that comes up we talk about it w/ our music friends.

  3. The news about the Joe Strummer Plaza was even mentioned on the 6 o'clock evening news on BBC Radio 4 the other night. Not as surprising as David Archer singing along to Should I Stay or Should I Go? the other night on The Archers though!!!

  4. Must find the audio of that Tracey

  5. Must find the audio of that Tracey

  6. Must find the audio of that Tracey

  7. Cathal says:

    testing 1212

  8. Pete Stevens says:

    Is this working yet Tim…..Receivers to boost !!! This is London Calling !!

  9. Howie says:

    this is a public service announcment

  10. Which one, The Archers? That really made me laugh. Thought he’d be more an ELO man myself. ; )

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