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20 January 2013 Under: Clash Memories, Clash News, Joe Strummer

Good morning and welcome back to the blog. I was up at the dreadful hour of 5am to watch a football match that I’d sooner not talk about, on the positive side I hadn’t spent a fortune to be there nor sat in the freezing cold weather to ‘enjoy’ the spectacle. I’m currently supporting a team that decide not to start playing until the second half, like buying an album that offers five shit songs to get you started which gets old quickly and reminds me of a few bands we won’t mention.

Assorted trinkets await this morning so let’s get to those instead shall we? I’m trying out a new version of the comments on the blog which allows you (if it works) to respond directly to a comment as a thread, login more easily, and ‘rate’ other comments. If it works as planned it should create more chatter so please try it and see. I’m still unable to find a forum option that works in concert with the blog but I will keep trying. Also related to the blog, please do use those social media buttons if you can as it really helps share the blog – facebook, google+1, buffer, twitter and the rest are all included. Thanks! Lots of housework on the blog at the moment as I’ve also installed Google Voice which will allow you to comment via phone (and or leave a voice message) at no charge from the US, or share news, ask questions or help promote something worthwhile. Don’t know if we’ll ever need it but nice to have, like a fire extinguisher. Before you ask I don’t want to share your $3 million inheritance from a rich uncle in Nigeria.

joe strummer door chicago 525x700 Strummer home Chicago

The Joe Strummer Door, Chicago

Away from the blog there are a pair of things I wanted to link you back to today which will be appealing/need further research if you happen to live in or near Paris or Chicago. Chicago first of all which is a city I have a lot of affection for having lived there for a time before the weather drove me out (how do you do it?). It is a great town, especially for music and I’ve never lived anywhere that came as near to matching London for live music options. It’s simply tremendous as everyone and anyone always includes it on tour. Anyway, I digress as usual. I wanted to point you to a small but worthy piece of street art that is on the northside of town. I’d seen a photo before but never managed to track down the exact spot. Not as big or famed as the New York mural of Joe it’s still a decent photo opportunity – painted on a wooden door leading to an alley. The location is alongside a bar called Delilah’s at 2771 N Lincoln Ave just south of Diversey on the east side of the street. If you go along I expect pictures to be forwarded accordingly. Don’t go to google street view as you’ll only see the wooden door before it was painted. The image above comes by kind courtesy of Dani who took the photo who I must thank. You can get the full map details below.

View Larger Map

Paris stuff will have to be a bit later as I need to take care of a few things. Cheers for dropping in.

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  1. Carter O'Brien says:

    Sweet! I grew up a block away, Delilah’s is one of the last remaining vestiges of the old working-class blue-collar Lake View neighborhood.

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