Steve Levine recalls Joe Strummer, plus contest winner and library reviews

Nice of you to drop back in, I hope your day was especially decent. I’m just settling down with a giant cup of tea and thought I could at least start a post if not finish one, we’ll see how that works out as often I try this and end up concluding the post the following day. As I write it is about 11pm on Tuesday so you’ll know when you get this. I hope you read the comments on the blog posts because if not you’re often missing some great stuff from those out there in the Clashosphere. I really enjoy those of you with a sense of fun and to yesterday’s post where I asked “What do you like to drink when listening to The Clash?” I have to tip my hat to Anja who said Heineken because the red star always reminds her of the band. Nice one, although still a pretty average lager.

I have it on reasonable authority that Joe was more of a brown ale/something dark or brandy drinker, we know Mick likes his lager and I’d rely on you to inform me as to what Paul tends to order from the bar. Topper of course remains sober as far as I know which is cool, in it’s deeper resonance for him. I’d love to be able to write more about Topper but he keeps a very low profile for the most part and seems to remain down in Kent out of the limelight the vast majority of the time. If you know differently or indeed perhaps live down near Dover and ever see our drumming man around town please let us know how he is – and say hello from all of us.

A few short things to cover tonight in no particular order. First of all please make sure you check out the website for the Subway Gallery (more pictures soon!) as they have uploaded links to a variety of reviews of the latest run of the Rock & Roll Public Library that have popped up on line, go to the foot of the linked page. Some very recommended reading is there including some quotes from Mick about the collection and continued inspiration for it. I’m glad to see that once again there is such a good buzz once again surrounding the exhibition.

RnRPL III 09 03 2012 009 Steve Levine recalls Joe Strummer, plus contest winner and library reviews

The Mick Jones Rock & Roll Public Library - Image kind courtesy of Peter Stevens Photography

I ran a quiz/crossword puzzle themed on The Clash last Friday night and I either set the questions a bit too hard or nobody enjoys crossword puzzles anymore. I did fortunately receive a number of correct answers to all of the questions (in hindsight I did perhaps set the bar a bit high) and in total I had to pick a winner from 4 respondents. The name chosen at random was Robert Caster from Baltimore, Maryland in the US. I’ll be emailing you tonight but I need your address to send out the Joe Strummer art/cards. Next time I’ll make the quiz a lot less time/mind consuming, but thank you for having a go.

Finally I know I’m not alone in saying that I miss Joe not just for his music but for his personality and energy, I always looked forward to snippets of conversations and interviews with him almost as keenly as I did the release of new music. I miss knowing that new quotes are right around the corner and I feel the world is less colourful without his opinion of things being offered. Therefore when I find older quotes or memories of Joe from others that are new to me it is always like finding lost money in a jacket that you haven’t worn for a long time. Or something like that. Try this on for size – recently in Dublin the Music Show Conference took place and veteran producer Steve Levine was one of the speakers. Amongst his reminiscing was a tale about the first time that he worked with The Clash. There’s only a brief quote in this article but please click and read it – pure Joe Strummer gold.

That’s me done for now, remember you can share the blog and keep current via checking up on Facebook, Twitter or get the RSS feed which will see the blog sent to you directly if you prefer. Cheers – Tim

pixel Steve Levine recalls Joe Strummer, plus contest winner and library reviews

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