San Francisco Joe Strummer Tribute & Strummerville Benefit (very late summary)

Hello again good people and welcome to the weekend. It came as promised and I hear that the first sniff of winter is with many of you, meanwhile I’m having to write this in the shade due to stupidly warm weather.

In a perfect world I’d read every book that is recommended, listen to every album with a glowing review and get everything posted on the blog in a timely manner.However, as Billy Bragg said ‘this is reality so give me some room’. I would though like to vow in 2013 to try a more orderly approach to the Clash Blog so that I manage to get ideas written about instead of being half-finished and report on events when they are still somewhere near to still being fresh. This isn’t going to be one of those days, but just because I meant to share this with you two months ago doesn’t mean I should throw the information away completely.

strummer sf raffle 700x525  San Francisco Joe Strummer Tribute & Strummerville Benefit (very late summary)

The brilliant raffle prizes at the SF Strummer event

Before getting to that though I wanted to share my condolences to family and friends of Jo Dunne who was with the band ‘We’ve got a Fuzzbox and We’re gonna use it’. The mid 1980’s weren’t the best of times if you liked bands who made a bit of noise and had an attitude to match but werent afraid to have a laugh and Fuzzbox were the exception to the rule of lo-fi C86/Smiths based indie and some rather glum stuff. I saw Fuzzbox a load of times live and have some fond memories of Jo and the rest of the band. I was shocked to see she passed away from cancer last night in Birmingham, she was only 43. If you missed Fuzzbox you owe it to yourself to revisit them so pop over to youtube or start with this. Here is a link to the BBC story about Jo, sadly the timing is even more unfortunate as the band had recently reformed.

Right then back to the missed story that I wanted to cover. We’ve spent a fair bit of time previewing Joe Strummer memorials that are up and coming but one of the very best ones took place again back in August up in San Francisco. Well attended, supporting Strummerville and always featuring a great assortment of acts who are versed in brilliant Clash back catalogue it seems to be the premier event in the US and has now been taking place for 10 consecutive years  with the first one back in 2003. I must also mention what looked to be a really top shelf raffle of Clash related swag, you can’t go wrong. I’ve included full sets of each act below but you can see even more from our friend Gil W on his youtube page. For more information on the annual Joe Strummer tribute in the bay area and to prepare for next summer you may want to bookmark their Facebook page. Thanks to all the bands this year and those who attended. Videos below and you can click on the red links to learn more about each artist who appeared.

Eastern Span – 8 song set – all Clash numbers, great job lads

Chris von Sneidern – 6 song set, all Clash numbers (Time is Tight is masterful) just a brilliant set

The Hooks – Diverse 8 song set; Clash, B.A.D. & Joe tracks

The InterChords – I really like these chaps, 7 songs from all over the shop

Thanks again Gil you do good work mate, really enjoyed these and hope many of you take the time to watch these too. He even captured the raffle if you fancy that, it’s pretty entertaining. Let me know what you liked most.

pixel  San Francisco Joe Strummer Tribute & Strummerville Benefit (very late summary)

The future is unwritten, so share it
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  1. I thought you had retired..!

  2. It's my so called smart phone.. On the FB app for some reason your posts don't appear in my news feed.. Apart from one other post a couple of weeks back this is the first in a while. Hence I thought you was retiring…:) I hope I didn't sound rude Tim.

  3. no you're fine Wayne…I believe FB are not allowing autofeeds to all pages followed…or a certain amount only. Solution to follow soon.

  4. I have now unliked some pages.. Lets see if that helps..

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