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23 January 2013 Under: Clash Memories

So it’s been a bit of a funny old day at Clash Blog Towers with lots of work to do and then, in no short period of time three blood splattered accidents in quick succession in our household. Not sure if that’s some sort of sign from the darker powers or just some amazing yet coincidental clumsiness but within 120 minutes I cut my foot on a piece of glass from a broken bottle that I had dropped (stupidly on top of a bookshelf I had one bottle of beer, it’s been there for ages just waiting for today). The book I returned to the shelf was genuinely about The Clash, in fact it was this one here Route 19 Revisited and my clumsy re-shelving caused the lonely bottle of beer (from El Salvador no less) to take an eight foot plummet from a lofty perch to its noisy demise on a tile floor. I did my best to clear up the shattered glass and wafting smell of early afternoon beer but managed to leave a shard of glass that cut my bare foot a little bit later in the day.

taurino cerveza Rock the Cerveza

This was the first issue...

A few hours later and with no Clash connection the youngster of the house managed to cut his finger tip on some piece of plastic, first aid applied from yours truly although it only bled for about four seconds in the first place. Mine was worse.

The coup de grace was left up to The Clash Bloggette who after getting home from work for the day (I warned her to look out for broken glass before sitting down) managed to violently pinch her small finger in a folding chair/stool type thing and shattered her fingernail to the quick. This was the bloodiest accident of all and she’ll have to go to the Doctor in the morning. Three separate accidents, all involving blood being spilled by three of the four people in the house and it all began with the simple task of a Clash book being put back in it’s rightful place. Beer did not damage any of my books.

You all agree of course that the other incidents would never have happened without the first one occurring. Plus a bottle of beer lost forever.

The things I do in the name of research for this blog. At least Arsenal won.

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12 Responses to “Rock the Cerveza”

  1. Lol…you did promise a Clash related blog a day.

  2. I did and I had something else lined up but couldn’t finish it.

  3. Wayne Hatchel via Facebook says:

    Well the day was consistent. Blood, blood, blood & blood again. So now you have something to look forward to. A less bloody day tomorrow. 😉

  4. Don’t get smart Wayne T -- writing every day isn’t easy! and thank you Wayne H…let’s hope so at least.

  5. Hehe. Sorry Tim couldn’t help myself… for me writing any day is not easy.

  6. Happily my main excuse is I’ve a lot of work on…so things could be much worse

  7. Nice one Tim. Don’t get to busy, a promise is a promise..:)

  8. Gutter Snipe says:

    It says there's nine comments on this post but there's none here……..

  9. blogs says:

    Issue with the new comment system, not pulling in comments from Facebook it seems. Thanks~

  10. Scott Myles via Facebook says:

    well, if the lost beer in question was a Taurino, not much of a loss…

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