Pop up shopping takes over Soho

08 September 2013 Under: Clash Memories, Clash News, Events

Well hello again…it’s been rather a long time hasn’t it? Hope all is well and sound (system) wherever you are reading this. I’ll put my unexpected extended lack of posting down to work, family matters, Mesut Özil, extremely hot weather, work, getting hooked on watching Breaking Bad, work, lethargy and a general need to work. I hope that we’ll find a normal balance in the weeks ahead.

However you’ve had more than enough to keep you busy as the monster sized mechanics of Sony Music have provided you with an uninterrupted flow of Clash news to coincide with next week’s release of the box set. I have to extend applause to the boys for putting in a good shift to help promote the new release which has seen an unprecedented amount of Clash exposure and coverage in the last few weeks – all of which helped ease my conscience about not having time to blog.

Where to begin then? I could spend the next few weeks just reviewing all of the articles that you may have missed but instead I’ll try and get those listed tomorrow and the day after although you probably saw a fair percentage of it due to the cross-pollenisation (pollination?) efforts I see on Facebook. There’s been so much going on from radio, paper and magazine interviews to the pop up shop and forthcoming Amazon chats. Last time we spoke we were at sixes and sevens about the Joe Strummer mural in New York being demolished, the good news is that you should see it return in it’s rightful place later this month after a 5-6 week gap. Let the pilgrimages continue.

London meanwhile has appropriately been at the heart of all things Clash the last few weeks with tomorrow being the broadcast of the studio interview with fans (real fans!) on BBC 6 Music which will of course be archived online. Yesterday also saw the debut of The Clash pop up shop (hate that phrase) in Soho and apparently you had to be VIP status to even get a foot in the door which is a bit of a shame but understandable I suppose. Nevertheless some signatures were given on the pavement as Mick, Paul, Terry and Topper (along with Don Letts and many of the usual suspects) all made an appearance. Initial feedback is that the exhibition is quite something to see and includes Joe’s Telecaster (back from Cleveland especially) and Paul’s smashed bass from the NY Palladium gig in 1979 that needs no introduction.

There are a few dozen articles online about the shop and I’ll link those soon but wanted to include a fan’s photos for today and extend my thanks to Giles for sending these in as he was able to attend the pre-launch party and return again on Saturday. It looks a great experience so please get down to Soho if you’re anywhere near London. Gallery below is the usual slideshow, click to get started. The box set will be available there from tomorrow.

Also, who was lucky enough to attend the BBC 6 Music interview – what was it like? More soon – thanks for visiting.