More images from punk exhibition at Moore College of Art and Design

Good evening Clash people from a damp and misty CB Towers, hope you’ve been well. I noticed this evening that the moon looks like the grin of the Cheshire cat – does that normally happen? Have I somehow missed it for the last four decades?

Sorry for the lack of updates in recent days but I’ll put it down to exhaustion, lots of rain that had to be enjoyed, extra work and the mildest touch of needing a short break from typing. Now I’m back and ready to go and curious to see just what I might have missed.

Tonight though an overdue post of some stunning photographs from the ongoing art exhibition in Philadelphia that I’ve written about previously “Pretty Vacant – The Graphic Language of Punk”. Follow the link for all of the specific details for the exhibition that features the collection of Andrew Krivine which runs until March 15.

As I mentioned previously he has amassed a stunning collection of Clash related art from his time spent in London and subsequently and was kind enough to have Gabrielle at the gallery at the Moore College of Art and Design compile the photos that you’ll see below. I really hope that any of you within spitting distance of Philadelphia have been able to attend or plan to do so over the remaining couple of weeks. Great stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. While many of these images are likely to be familiar with you these all look to be in pristine condition, if you’re anything like me you’re probably kicking yourself at some of the stuff you folded up, lost during moves or just let fall to bits due to age.

My huge thanks to Andrew and Gabrielle for sharing these – don’t forget that this runs until the 15th and the college is located at 1916 Race Street in Philadelphia – map available here

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Thanks as always for dropping in, give me a day or two to get back up to speed and we’ll talk again.

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