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Welcome back to the blog! Yes, I’m still here just got sidelined by day-to-day stuff as tends to happen every now and then, it just catches up with you and the free time I usually make/find to write the blog just hasn’t surfaced in recent weeks. Hope you’ve all been keeping well and I’ll do my best to get back to very regular updates even it if means some shorter posts over the next week or two just to keep you in the loop.

I’ve got a shed-load of updates to get to along with emails to reply to and if you’ve been in touch and not received a reply please accept my apologies.

So for today I’m essentially saying hello and pointing you in the direction of the strangest bit of Clash-related memorabilia I’ve seen in a while. Actually I tell a lie, the second most strange after an empty can of beer, the beer having been consumed by Joe Strummer. That item was kicking about a few weeks ago on ebay and I think was from Australia but I can’t now find it.

Today’s oddity is even something I’m tempted to bid for as I don’t think the price will end up being outrageous (until I advertise it here on the blog eh?). If you ever wondered what the boys had on their catering rider you can earn a bit of history and get a backstage catering bill from a Clash gig in the States. The auction is for a Sandinista! tour book (not quite sure what that consists of) however that doesn’t really match with the dates below as you’ll see – and the novelty is that along with the flyer/book you’ll get a catering invoice for the proud total of $1263.64. I can’t read all of the handwriting but you’ll see Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, 7-Up, a fresh fruit tray and a jar of honey. Healthy boys all and if my memory from reading various sources is correct all four were vegetarians by this point.

The gig was one of the last ever nights with Mick Jones in the band in El Paso, Texas on May 25, 1983. Following that the only remaining dates were in Tucson and then the US Festival in California. For that reason alone it sorta makes this even more historic if you ask me.

Here’s a link to the auction on eBay which closes on Tuesday morning if you want to learn a bit more. Sorry for the extended outage and I’ll be back shortly.

clash catering Clash catering invoice on ebay

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Now is as good a time as any to say I’ve missed you and hope you’ll be coming back to read more new entries. Cheers – Tim

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