Glasgow ends the tour but not the energy for more of the same

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The London setlist (click to enlarge) thanks to Wayne for sharing

Good sunny/Sunday morning to you, hope this finds you in fine fettle. Just a short update for now as I’ve got a mountain of things to get done today but wanted to share some more excellent reviews of Justice Tonight as the tour made its way up to Glasgow for the final night. I’m a bit worse for wear today as last night was our local Joe Strummer memorial and tribute gig in Phoenix with six bands paying tribute to Joe. A fine time was had and it was great to meet fellow Clash enthusiast Gil who I’ve got to know via the blog. More on that concert in the days ahead. However in the interest of trying to keep things sequential I wanted to publish a pair of first hand accounts of Glasgow from the final night of the tour that has everyone buzzing.

First up I wanted to thank Barry from Newcastle who even though he’d been down to the Manchester concert the week before took the drive up to Scotland for a second dose of the tour, I can’t say I blame him after all you never know then this is going to happen again. Please stick with me on the blog over the coming days as I’ve not had time to get everything related to the tour on the blog. I’ve also got a 2nd account of Glasgow to follow, the very best in photographs from the London concert and a piece that I’ve been working on about Hillsborough, The Clash and benefit concerts and why this tour made so much sense in overall terms of Clash history. While we’ve all been caught up in the excitement of seeing Mick take these songs on the road and attract a pretty bloody impressive list of guest stars I think it is really important to remember why the tour even took place and why Hillsborough is more than a tragedy but a lesson we can all learn from. Justice does still need to be seen to be done and we’ve already had to wait far too long. It’s not a local cause or a Liverpool cause but the right cause. Back to Barry then (sorry mate) he’s a mad keen Clash enthusiast and I know these concerts made his year – so let’s jump over to his account:

Well the Justice Tonight tour came to Glasgow for the final show of the tour..and boy they did not disappoint..once again. The. farm got the show off to a great start with Peter Hooton all over the stage, it has to be said that their sound was so much bigger than the Manchester gig I attended. Then on came Pete Wylie who obviously loves partying in Glasgow  “This is our second city” he kept saying and the Scots really love that. At one point someone threw a Liverpool FC hat onstage Wylie picks it up and holds it up shouting “yeah this is Scotland where you knit your condoms”..and that was the cue for the arrival of the legend known as Mick Jones

Punctuated by Mick’s big  smile all night they launched into Train in Vain, Mick seemed to be on top form running all over the stage and the crowd went mental…I get goosebumps just writing this and reliving it again. Throughout the gig  Mick was so happy and just after a really heavy Clampdown he made the night even more brill when he quietened down the crowd and said-

“..shhh shhhhhhhhhhh Joe is here,  Can you all see Joe next to me cos I can he’s here”

Unreal moment I tell you man and then he said something like ‘We are enjoying this tour that we’re going to do it again next year’ as you can imagine the crowd reacted with utter joy.Then they launched into London Calling with Mick doing all of the vocals, brilliantly I should add. Suddenly the end of the show was upon us and Mick decided not to do Rush the B.A.D. number which has featured during the tour but instead launched into a superb Janie Jones. It’s been amazing to see and quite an emotional tour, especially last night…can’t wait for 2012.

Cheers Barry, I can tell by your notes just what it meant to you. Sounds like it was an amazing night once again. I do appreciate you taking the time to write it up. Please join me in thanking Barry – these guest contributions on the tour really do mean a huge amount to us who haven’t been able to make it to a show.

I’ve got another Glasgow review to get compiled which I’ll have for you this evening or early tomorrow morning plus much more in the days ahead, thanks for stopping in. Tim

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