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Strummer of Love lineup revealed

Good morning, a very short one for you this morning and the title above tells you all you need to know. The lineup for the ‘Strummer of Love’ festival in August has now been announced and rather bloody special it is too. Rather than rely on one established name (I feared a bad punk reunion, you know the sort I mean) Strummerville have combined a wonderful blend of the old and the new, the up and coming and the established old reliables. Headed up by The Pogues who of course featured Joe Strummer in their lineup back in the day I’m sure the inclusion of so many diverse artists in such an intimate setting (just 5,000 tickets remember) is going to make for an amazing festival. Better than that though you know when you’re dancing with a stranger, going on a beer run or waiting to use the loo it will be another Joe Strummer fan you chat with, dance with, hold the toilet door open for. Like a gig with 5,000 good mates and as I’ve said before I’ve never met a Clash fan I didn’t like (I might need to add an asterisk to that one).

I’ll write much more about the lineup in the weeks and months ahead but it’s a great mix – I’d be up for a festival that included Billy Bragg, The Pogues and Frank Turner alone and then look at all the others in addition. Don’t delay on this – if you’re able to get down to Somerset in August you really should – I would firmly advise against waiting to get your tickets until later, this is going to sell out now that the lineup is announced. Also worth noting is that more acts will be announced, I think we can guess at one or two. Even if you can’t attend you can still help…share this news, tell others, tweet about it…add it to Facebook, put it as a link at the bottom of your emails instead of one of those crass ‘inspirational’ quotes. Fuck it…quote Joe Strummer instead. The more people who know about this the better…they might need to make more room.

All the best – here’s the link to all you need for tickets and information. You can click the image below to enlarge.

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