Enjoy the gig but can you leave your phone at home?

Hello again and thanks for stopping in at the blog – rant alert tonight, you have been warned. Have you ever had a few days where you feel tired no matter what? When you wake up you’re tired, mid morning you’re tired, you eat and you’re tired and as soon as you do something you’re wishing you hadn’t because instantly you’re tired. Even typing about it as I am now is making me have to stifle a yawn. Perhaps it’s the weather, or my age or even the fact that I listened to some sad bastard music last night. Whatever it is I think it afflicted my football team today also, hopefully tomorrow I’ll only feel 36 or so again for the rest of the week.

When researching images for the blog I come across all sorts of things but gradually I’m coming to realise there are a finite number of images taken of the band so you’re left with looking at post Clash photography along with artwork and related things worth sharing. I also have a feeling that although we’d like to see if there are more songs or at least versions of songs in the darkest vaults at CBS Records that there probably isn’t very much left to scour. Live recordings are another story altogether, you could spend the better part of an entire week listening to live Clash concert footage ranging from the very good to the extremely poor, if the record company have more to offer us I’d bank on live recordings (beyond what’s already been served up) being where we may find further spoils. Photography too – there could in theory be thousands of photographs that sit in personal collections and have never made it to the internet. While many people might not have looked after their negatives a good scanner could still save some of these images. However when I think back to my earliest concerts there weren’t people taking photos – we were too busy jumping up and down at the front jostling for space and sweating like a sprinter. I long for those days when a sea of mobile phones isn’t attached to the arms of every other audience member like some sort of life support machine. I’ve been to gigs lately where people are more interested in filming/snapping the concert than actually enjoying it. It’s annoying and a major fucking distraction to everyone around you, by all means get a photo or two but don’t make it your reason to be. Chances are your phone won’t capture a great image anyway. Leave it to those who know what they are doing, can you honestly tell me your Android took a better photo than the one featured tonight? It would be like going to a great restaurant and insisting you help the chef with his preparation of the sauce. A bit. The photo below was taken of course by Bob Gruen of The Clash in Boston in 1979 and remains one of my favourite live photos of the band or any band for that matter.

bob gruen clash boston Enjoy the gig but can you leave your phone at home?

I’m going to quite a few concerts over the coming weeks and if you get a sharp elbow to your midsection as your arms are high overhead due to your filming the eighth entire song of the night with your far too bright mobile phone (smartphone/stupid owner) you’ll know it was me. More soon…

pixel Enjoy the gig but can you leave your phone at home?

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