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The Clash asked to fill in after Sex Pistols reject Olympics. Fact or rumour? Say it ain’t so…

Hello once more and welcome back to the blog on this Friday afternoon, I just noticed that today is Friday the thirteenth and with all superstitions set to one side let’s simply hope that today’s story is one of pure conjecture versus fact. Otherwise the fact would be both unappealing and bad luck. You may have heard this week that the Sex Pistols turned down an invitation to play live at the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony, a presentation of music which is supposed to reflect the best of British rock ‘n roll/pop music over the previous decades. From what I’ve read and played a little interest to (not too much mind you) the confirmed acts include the Rolling Stones, Blur, Adele and Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine. I may have misheard the final act in that list but I’d rather see them play live than some of the acts confirmed.

It’s interesting that The Sex Pistols turn down the occasion considering they have shown that reforming is something they have been prepared to do at the drop of a coin or even if selling more butter is on the table. Not that I think they should’ve accepted what will be little more than a corporate shindig of the very worst sort, the audience won’t be made up of council estate kids from Streatham or Moss Side by the well-heeled and financially equipped for the most part instead. Therefore I wanted to link you to a story which is in equal measure annoying and patronising although I hope more importantly it’s completely without basis. According to Chris Chase from Yahoo sports (I know…. why would I get my music news from Yahoo and more importantly from a sportswriter, the reality is I don’t someone kindly forwarded this to me). Now as far as I can tell the story about the Sex Pistols turning down the invitation is accurate as the original source was The Times, but it’s the rumour/conjecture/gossip that I’m far more concerned with.

clash london calling inner1 The Clash asked to fill in after Sex Pistols reject Olympics. Fact or rumour? Say it aint so...According to Chase in light of the rejection by John Lydon the organisers still want to have a band represent ‘the punk era’ (not my quote) and will now be approaching The Clash. (what does that even mean?)

A couple things about that sound completely off kilter of course; The Clash don’t exist and have not done so for over 25 years plus Joe Strummer is no longer with us. How can you possibly approach a band that have never reformed on their own conditions even when it is possible nevermind the fact that I don’t believe for one split second that Mick, Paul and Topper would ever appear under the name The Clash with whomever as the fourth member. Perhaps the individual quoted in the story is unaware of the fact that Joe is no longer with us, perhaps he was just looking at bands that came from that era and the second one on his list was The Clash, or perhaps it’s just pure bollocks and speculation. Playing devil’s advocate and assuming it might be true still doesn’t change the fact that I can’t see it happening, if (and that’s a big if) Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon were somehow agreeable to the idea I think they would put it under a very strict agreement that this wasn’t The Clash. My worst fears would be realised if some sort of disastrous ‘hooked on punk’ medley was the agreement where the boys show up with a guest vocalist to perform Rock The Casbah and Should I Stay…..

That’s the stuff of nightmares isn’t it? Surely one that won’t happen under any circumstances. I’ll do some more digging to see if there is any confirmation of the ‘runner-up status’ afforded to the band at a ceremony that really means fuck all. As for the article you should read it and the link to his cynical/dry/shit observations as to how London Calling could be reinterpreted as the most appropriate of Olympic anthems. The writer seems obnoxious in the extreme but also fails to find the right tone to even mock something that should be mocked. Here is the original story about the rejection by the Pistols and possible Clash insertion and here’s the one about London Calling being reinterpreted.

Let me know what you think of the story and the likelihood, in the meantime we’ll just sit tight and hope it’s complete nonsense.

pixel The Clash asked to fill in after Sex Pistols reject Olympics. Fact or rumour? Say it aint so...

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