New Joe Strummer, Clash, Slits exhibition at Subway Gallery

Hello there and welcome once again back to The Clash Blog. I realise it’s been a little while since you last heard from me and I apologise for that. Needless to say the unplanned break does present me with some catching up to do and some useful information to share, so it’s not as bad as it seems. Sometimes when you’re blogging a combination of life getting in the way and hitting the proverbial wall of being able to find writing inspiration can gang up on you and suddenly a week will pass where you find you have four or five partially written pieces but nothing that made it to completion. Such has been my lot over the last week, but finally I’ve got time to put pen to paper or more specifically fingers to keyboard. Perhaps I didn’t want to write until Israel and Hamas could calm the fuck down.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US where everybody is expected to eat more than they should and spend time with family they don’t usually talk to. I’ve now lived here long enough to work out that the main reason for this is that all the shops actually closed for one of the few times a year, so alternative options are a bit thin on the ground. However that’s made up for by everywhere opening up at four a.m. tomorrow offering ridiculous prices on more shit that you couldn’t possibly need. Another very good day not to mix with the masses.

Anyway, you can anticipate fairly normal blogging every day or day and a half for the rest of the year now that the batteries have had a bit of a recharge. As ever I thank you for reading, sharing the blog, commenting and particularly sending me endless e-mails and messages for things to feature in the future. I’ll do my very best to get everything current in the next week or so.

One event I want to share today comes from our old friends in London ‘Subway Gallery’ – the small but bighearted art gallery that is located in the subway at Edgware Road tube station. Not for the first time a feature very uniquely appealing to Clash fans is kicking off shortly and will run through until December 22nd, a day that you would know the significance of. Please read the official blurb below and I hope that some of you in London and the southeast will be able to make it along to the exhibition in combination with your holiday shopping, hot chestnuts and Christmas light viewing along Regent Street.




strummer yewdall New Joe Strummer, Clash, Slits exhibition at Subway GalleryWith explanatory text by the photographer, A Permanent Record features over
160 black and white photographs of Joe Strummer, legendary Clash frontman,
as well as unpublished images of seminal all-girl punk band The Slits.

Yewdall first met Strummer in 1974 when the then John ‘Woody’ Mellor moved into
the squat at 101 Walterton Road in London’s Maida Hill. Yewdall sang and played
harmonica in an early line-up in The 101’ers, then briefly managed the band before
abandoning the musical for the visual by picking up a camera. These intimate pictures
are direct from the heart of the West London squatting movement of the early
seventies, that exceptional period when access to abandoned properties provided
opportunities for artists to develop their craft without the constraints of financial
imperatives. The pictures include posed portraits as well as informal reportage taken
when stardom was only a glimmer in the eye of this inimitable artist. The images of
Strummer date back to his earliest days when he was a singer with The101’ers, the
quintessential squat-rock group in which he learned his musical and political ‘chops’.
In Yewdall’s live pictures of the hirsute guitar-player you can see the frenetic
movement and stage presence that he honed to perfection as frontman of the Clash,
today considered one of the greatest bands of all time.

This was also the history of The Slits, who supported the Clash on their first full-scale
tour of Britain. Fronted by Ari Up, The Slits set the template for British girl groups;
riveting live performers, uncompromising and fearless, The Slits reached their
recording zenith in 1979 with the release of the Dennis Bovell-produced album, ‘Cut’.

Photographs of Strummer with his group of the late 1980’s, The Latino Rockabilly War,
book-end the project, along with memorabilia from tribute exhibitions following the
sudden death of Joe Strummer at the end of 2002.

These extraordinary photographs stand as a heartfelt testament to the genesis of this great artist.   (Clash Blog note…check this link for some great photographs)

For more information please see the links below, I’ll be back shortly but thanks for dropping in.

Subway Gallery | Exhibition Facebook page

pixel New Joe Strummer, Clash, Slits exhibition at Subway Gallery

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    Happy Thanksgiving, Tim and Blogette!! Keep up the good work!! <3

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Unwritten is on now on Flix channel.

  5. Welcome back and happy thanksgiving.

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    Try and bring everyone some photographs from the launch party….Should just about be able to make it there !

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