Most influential albums of all time, besides The Clash

Friday night and I just ate chicken. I think that was a song, or a poem. Hope your week went well I just realised it was Friday and must confess to exhaling a bit and gulping some more white wine, it’s been that sort of week.

A very short post tonight cos Time is Tight and we’ve got 48 Hours to look ahead to. I’ll stop with the blatant placement of Clash song titles immediately too.

album art 700x525 Most influential albums of all time, besides The Clash

Thanks to Sean for the photo. A piece of art he found in the Gibson Hotel's foyer in Dublin (click for easier view)

We’re confronted with music lists all of the time, best albums ever, best drummers ever, best debut albums, best punk single and so on. I know they don’t ultimately prove much but I’ve always liked a list, it starts with league tables and bus schedules perhaps? We’ve debated before that all of these lists don’t really mean that much because taste is as they say a bloody personal thing. Some people support Chelsea for example and like to eat haggis. Rarely both, except Pat Nevin I would imagine. Still I wanted to share this list of ‘The 100 most influential albums’ to see how well you score and also what they consider those titles to be. Of course The Clash made the list (in no particular order) and equally expected was the choice of London Calling which is a sound enough decision. Also interesting is that of their peers only The Ramones and The Sex Pistols make the list. It’s fairly well represented from 1965 to present with a surprising number of less celebrated acts such as The Delgados (brilliant brilliant) and The Fall (same category). I was also happy to see Love Forever Changes on there, although I’d wager the list was made in the UK. Not many, barely any, of the more obscure American artists or Canadian, Australian etc.

I somehow have gathered 59 of those on the list. Let me know your score and share it here to see what we’re up against. I’d have Sandinista! and the first album in my top 100 also for obvious reasons. Here’s the link to see how many you own, it only takes a few minutes and will make you feel full of pride or perhaps even better make you consider going out and buying a few albums this weekend. The Wedding Present, Felt, Super Furry Animals, The Delgados and The The would be my suggestions.

Omissions from the lists should be directed to that site and not me. Thanks for dropping in, you can always keep current or communicate via the facebook page, twitter or get the blog sent direct to your inbox as a feed via the RSS. Have a good night, I’ll be back soon.

pixel Most influential albums of all time, besides The Clash

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23 responses to “Most influential albums of all time, besides The Clash”

  1. Wayne Hatchel via Facebook says:

    I owned or lived w/ someone that owned 46 of the 100

  2. Sean Penistone via Facebook says:

    Well, in terms of what the person that compiled this missed:

    C86: NME Compilation

    Licenced to ill by the beastie boys or maybe Paul’s boutique

    Ocean rain by echo and the bunneymen

    Can’t remember Park Life being in there

    The Specials first album

    DJ Shadow’s endtroducing

    De la soul 3 feet high …

  3. Sean Penistone via Facebook says:

    Oh, Heaven 17 penthouse and pavement or human league’s travelogue

  4. Nowhere near as many as you. But as you say we all have a different top 100.

  5. Stephen Scott says:

    Hi Tim, I noticed on an earlier visit to the blog today, under the "you might also like" heading, you mentioned that you had heard but never seen footage from the rock for Kampuchea gigs. You may have seen it by now, but if not, there is an incredible piece of film on you tube showing The Clash performing Armagideon Time. Its the band at their best, in my opinion, if you haven,t seen it yet, you will enjoy. Not long after the gigs, one of the terrestrial channels slipped in a 1 hour highlights programme late at night. I remember sitting in my flat at the time when it came on, and when I realised that The Clash were on it, there was a crescendo of beer rings being pulled by me and my other flatmates. Tremendous footage. Cheers Tim.

  6. 32 of the 100. Good shout for the specials inclusion, maybe Bob Marley Exodus? The bunny men, I would have picked Heaven up here. Possibly a bit of Springsteen.

  7. Pete Stevens says:

    The omissions are glaring if you're going to use the title….'Influential'….I'd argue about a third of the inclusions on their list, but I would say the first Clash album was far more 'influential' than 'London Calling'. Did I miss Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly on the list somewhere ? Not to mention the MC5, The Doors, James Brown, Prince or Sly & The Family Stone….George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic….or Miles Davis and John Coltrane ?
    How about The Who or The Small Faces ? Did I miss Bob Marley as well ? How about Mott The Hoople, without whom we almost certainly wouldn't have had The Clash. How about Rory Gallagher or Thin Lizzy ? The whole thing is bonkers !!!

  8. Pete Stevens says:

    Given Wilko's been in the news for such tragic reasons I think 'Down By The Jetty' by Dr Feelgood should also be mentioned, not from sympathy, but because of its long lasting influence…..

  9. Pete Stevens says:

    By the way, I managed a meagre 52 from the list ! Why the f**k would I own an album by Yes !!

  10. Portishead should have been on there too

  11. May I suggest Oasis, definitely maybe (although this shouts of being influenced),Rush moving pictures.

  12. Colin Macqueen says:

    I ended up with 50. What was interesting was that, from memory I had 45 but when I checked through my library I found 5 more; albums I bought because I recognized that they were "significant" but only listened to once or twice -- It Takes a Nations of Millions, Pet Sounds, Astral Weeks. Maybe I need to go listen to them again.

    For some artists I might have picked a different album -- Fear of Music over Remain in light or White Blood Cells over Elephant. Completely missing for me are Two Sevens Clash, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Crocodiles (or Kilimanjaro?), The Scream and The State of our Union.

  13. Wayne Hatchel via Facebook says:

    I think the list is a bit off too. Sgt Pepper wasn’t on it nor was Sandinista.

  14. one album per artist…it seems

  15. Wayne Hatchel via Facebook says:

    OK as London Calling was written to the band I was sound eng for.

  16. A friend of mine has 67, but he reckons, me too, that there is some s**t in there. Each too their own.

  17. Theclashblog says:

    Testing new comment system

  18. CCRGMac says:

    Just testing the new comments section…

  19. CCRGMac says:

    Just testin’ -- All receivers to boost.

  20. Tim…”Without you…we’re nothing!”

    Shirley on drums

  21. The list is badly flawed both from a musical and a cultural standpoint.

    Culturally the most influential musical genres in Eurasia, the Americas adn new Zealand have been metal and rap, yet apart from Back in Black nothing is on the list.

    For something remotely accurate at least Metallica’s Master of Puppets, Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power, Public Enemy’s It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton would have to be on the list and very high on it too.

    Looking at the purely musical side of things one sees a lot that can be improved too. The post-rock scene with its unique sound ought to be represented by more than Slint, especially Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden and post-rock influences Mahavishnu Orchestra with The Inner Mounting Flame and Van der Graaf Generator with Pawn Hearts or H to He Who Am the Only One.

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