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13 January 2014 Under: Clash News

Welcome back to the blog at the top of another week although I’d have to consider it a relatively happy Monday with Arsenal winning yet again and find themselves still top of the league. I don’t expect it to last but I’ll enjoy it as long as it does.

Since starting the blog back in 2009 I feel very fortunate in just how much Clash related news there has been to write about with a fairly steady amount of activity from the lads along with Strummerville and the various books, exhibitions, a play and other related coverage that related back to the band. I wondered if the blog might become a series of ‘looking back’ 90% of the time when in reality that’s been the case less than half of the time which is remarkable considering we’re now close to thirty-one or twenty-nine years on from when The Clash ended depending on where you draw that line. For me it’s the expulsion of Mick Jones in September 1983.

Speaking of Mick Jones his continued appetite for a variety of work has been one of the biggest contributing factors to more current blog updates with that period of time seeing him involved in a broad range of projects. From a distance it seems that Mick has reached the point in his career where he’ll take on whatever suits him at any given time, if he enjoys it he is seemingly vested and that of course is a great place to be. With the start of a new year I found myself taking stock of what might be next and while it’s all speculation on my part it’s still worthy of some consideration.

2012 & 2013 saw much of Mick’s time spent working on remastering the studio albums by The Clash for the Sound System box set and while all three members of the band were involved with its creation it would be a safe bet that Mick invested the most time. With nothing as demanding as that on the horizon I wondered what might be next for Jones.

Carbon/Silicon: It’s been a while since we heard from Carbon/Silicon but probably not as long as you might guess. It was only last April that the single Big Surprise was released and featured a video with Mick and Tony in West London. With that said the word was that the song had been recorded much earlier which makes sense. The last time the band were actively playing live dates all the way back to overseas (Ireland & Italy) gigs in 2010, hard to believe it was that long ago. On a positive note the website and facebook page are still active although we’ve seen no activity in a long time. The last reference to new work was via Tony James on Twitter who wrote in September that he was ‘writing new songs this week’. On the one hand you might assume that the band has wrapped up yet on the other there’s more evidence that they haven’t yet than on the other ‘maybes’ below.

Big Audio Dynamite:  The successful B.A.D. tour of 2011 was well received and expanded from an original tour regimen to a series of festival appearances that summer. The critics loved it and so did those who attended it but it was always billed as a reunion tour. I wondered if there might be more to it especially when the band recorded a new song ‘Rob Peter, Pay Paul’ which in addition to being bloody good showed that there was a creative process amongst the reunited band. Since that time though it’s been all quiet but the timing did coincide with Mick’s other commitments, especially the success of the Justice Tonight campaign.

0 Mick Jones keeps us guessing

Big Audio Dynamite – ‘Rob Peter, Pay Paul’ – Club Nokia 2011 (video by Gil W)

Gorillaz: I’d place very long odds on Mick working and touring with Gorillaz again as he did back in 2010 but then again I never saw that coming in the first place. If anything I’d imagine Paul Simonon may very well be spending more time with Damon Albarn especially with new Gorillaz music on the horizon and their overall ongoing friendship.

mick jones justice tonight pete stevens Mick Jones keeps us guessing

image copyright Pete Stevens

The Justice Tonight Band: Here was a perfect example of Mick being asked if he’d like to be involved in something, initially a one off gig in Liverpool for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and it just mushrooming. Asked by Peter Hooton of The Farm Mick obliged and a snowball started rolling down a hill which resulted in the hugely popular Justice Tonight Tour and then him taking part in 2012 Christmas number one single ‘He Ain’t Heavy’. In all of that Mick got involved because he cared about the cause and while there were rumours of US dates nothing came of that. Does that mean it’s never going to happen?

Something entirely new/whatever he feels like: This perhaps seems the most likely for Mick in 2014 but again I’m only guessing. Enjoying his place as a punk Godfather throughout London and a hybrid lifestyle of low profile desire but high profile attention it’s no shock that while the promotional activity for The Clash box set was eating up his days last year he also spent a lot of time enjoying time with The Rotten Hill Gang in his own neck of the woods. Now may also be a great time to find that permanent home for the Rock & Roll Public Library. Most likely though would be something completely unexpected.

Nothing at all: Always possible I suppose but based on the last decade it just doesn’t seem likely that Mick will just put his feet up and attend matches at QPR and make the occasional public appearance. With that said though I wouldn’t blame him for taking six months off.

What do you expect Mick Jones might be getting up to in 2014? Answer below and if you’re officially in the know don’t spoil the surprise on the blog *(but you can always email me).

What do you think Mick Jones might be working on in 2014 (choose up to two)

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13 responses to “Mick Jones keeps us guessing”

  1. Desde México un saludo y un abrazo para todos.

  2. Karki Meade via Facebook says:

    He’d going to be Siskel in Siskel & Ebert: The Movie. Rich Fulcher will be Ebert.

  3. Denise Dohm Gawley via Facebook says:

    He looks like Gerry Seinfeld

  4. Gerard Daly says:

    I think it’s time for Jonesy’s autobiography. Staying Free:The Life and Times of a Guitar Hero.

  5. Start playing some public libraries…maybe Rome!
    Cheers Lads!
    Stay free

  6. Justin says:

    More BAD please….thats what I hope for, new album following on from Upping st legacy edition. Thats just teasing the hell out of me. And a record deal for a new BAD 2014 album and tour.

  7. how about doing a unplugged tour of the states?

  8. Pete Stevens says:

    An unplugged tour would be great Matt !

  9. Pete Stevens says:

    An unplugged tour would be great Matt ! Mick played an acoustic version of ‘Stay Free’ for Robin Banks on his 60th birthday last November, accompanied by author Pat Gilbert, in a pub called ‘The Gold’ in Portobello Road. I was so lucky to be invited to what was a relatively small private event. Robin, who the song was originally written for and who is Mick’s oldest friend, was standing right by the small stage as Mick was singing. There were grown men with tears in their eyes as we all sang along. One of the great moments of my life ! I’d also like to see a permanent home for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Public Library….

  10. GHB says:

    Wasn’t there talk of a live BAD album from the 2011 gigs? Not exactly ‘new’, but would be a nice project (for us and hopefully for Mick!), and given the time he has spent beavering away remastering the Clash back catalogue his producer skills are well honed at the moment ….. would be a great stop gap until he gets into a new groove project/gig-wise …..

    p.s. love the idea of an aortic tour -- perhaps one of the ‘how thing song came about’ between songs? I have seen, amongst others, Hugh Cornwell, Glen Matlock, Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford do these over the past few years and they have been a real treat.

    • Tim at The Clash Blog says:

      That was definitely bouncing around as a rumour, be nice to hear it…or the Legacy edition of Upping St.

  11. rudy lickshot says:

    in 2014 , producing or mixing the record of my band…:)? —saludos a The Clash Blog y toda la crew clashica--

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