Magnificent 700 and Mick Jones on BBC 6 Music

Sunday night already? Where did that weekend go then? (Started last night, finished tonight-Monday) I recall playing football, watching Arsenal lose (again) and clearing out the garage which served as a timely reminder that I happily spent every spare coin I had for a large part of my life on attending concerts as I came across loads of my old concert ticket stubs. I wish I had them all….but I’d hazard a guess that upwards of 50% have gone missing over the course of too many moves to different homes in different towns. I should have kept a log of every gig, there’s a chap online who does that and it’s a remarkable website that I wrote about over a year ago – he was in London and had a good selection of punk in general and The Clash specifically on his list. I’ll need to dig out the name of that site again and share it.

Tonight is a bit of an occasion as this marks the 700th post on the blog since I started it back in late June 2009. Considering we were offline for about six weeks upgrading the site last spring it works out to about just over a post per every 24 hours in the nearly two years since, I never thought there would be so much to write about.  Encouragingly in recent weeks the blog is visited by someone on Planet Clash about every 80-85 seconds for 24 hours a day too – so our global community such as it is continues to grow slowly but surely. I know that 700 posts doesn’t represent a finish line too as I feel we’re just getting started and there’s a lot more to do on the blog – as ever I’m very happy to also open it up to you if you want to write about a Clash (or related) experience, review an album – a c0ncert -a film or an exhibition or simply reflect back on seeing The Clash or any of the subsequent projects. I’m convinced that the views of others add a another dimension to the blog, so don’t be shy please get in touch to contribute and help me get through the next 700 in double quick time.  As I said it’s been a really busy weekend so I’ve not really had time to research that much this weekend although I do know that the Mick Jones interview that aired on The First Time today with Matt Everitt is now loaded on BBC Six Music.

strummer ticket t and c Magnificent 700 and Mick Jones on BBC 6 Music

(image courtesy D Plummer)

Here’s the link to the interview – it runs for a full hour so I’m about to fire it up and have a cup of coffee for a late night listen. It’s supposed to be pretty in depth so I’m really looking forward to it. The archive is available in all countries I believe but it’s only online until next Saturday May 21st so don’t forget to take the time before the archive is removed. As ever I have to gently applaud the BBC who are finally doing more to heighten awareness of The Clash in recent years than they ever did when the band were together, beyond John Peel you would rarely if ever hear the corporation play or positively mention The Clash before about 1981.

More tomorrow including competition winner and talk of a ‘where are they now’ series on the blog. See you in the comments….Tim

pixel Magnificent 700 and Mick Jones on BBC 6 Music

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4 responses to “Magnificent 700 and Mick Jones on BBC 6 Music”

  1. Shirley says:

    Cheers to Tim and the 700th!!!

    Shirley on drums

  2. Emily says:

    I think I’ve read every single one of your posts! Looking forward to 700 more.. I have tickets that are only five-six years old, and the printing is already starting to fade, despite them being kept in a dark place!! maybe the quality was better before

  3. Pete Stevens says:

    Nice interview with Mick…..

  4. tony says:

    saw joe at kentish town…..and he was the joe strummer i loved…not the joe floggin a dead horse…………a lovely man….proper.

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