Live in Acton to be released on vinyl next month

22 October 2012 Under: Clash Memories, Clash News, Joe Strummer

A short update tonight and advance warning: I’m going to speak in very general terms in the remainder of this paragraph, while the statement is general it doesn’t make it any less true and if you wish to disagree or explain it to me the floor is yours. Many Americans love to shop, it is the national past time for many and possibly the largest driving social need for more people here than any other pursuit. The most extreme example of this shopping mania is Black Friday which takes place next month, it is the day after Thanksgiving (a rare day when the shops are actually closed) and signals the beginning of the frenzy of 5 weeks of mad retail pressure that leads up to Christmas. The shops open at 5 or 6 am and some even just after midnight and offer huge discounts on both small and large ticket items, people will queue up all night or in a tent in the car park to get that giant flat screen TV with 40% savings. It is pretty sick and beyond normal but I’m happy to say I’ve never taken part. Why am I rattling on about this then?

joe strummer acton vinyl Live in Acton to be released on vinyl next monthThis year Record Store Day is having some Black Friday specials, I really wish they weren’t it only takes focus away from the annual event which has proven to be such a success since its inception, I’d prefer they kept it to one day per year. I’ll make an exception this time because this year will see Hellcat Records releasing on vinyl the Acton Town Hall concert by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros  on Nov 15, 2002 which featured the surprise appearance of Mick Jones to share the stage with Joe Strummer. I’ve yet to find out how many copies of the album on vinyl will be available but it is officially just a limited edition release for Record Store Day (part II), which means that you can only get it at the selected independent record shops that are part of the alliance. Full details on the release are here and the list of stores that will have the record in stock can be found here.

At short notice I don’t know if we’re going to get a more imaginative sleeve than what is shown at such short notice or indeed whether this is actually what will be used, I doubt it. However at least I don’t have to start our chain letter campaign begging Hellcat to release this, although I’d also like a CD release if they are listening. Sorry for such a short post and thanks to Gil W for the word on this. Tim

pixel Live in Acton to be released on vinyl next month

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7 responses to “Live in Acton to be released on vinyl next month”

  1. Brenda Siegelman via says:


  2. Will there be a cd release too?

  3. Tony Porter via Face says:

    Out come me old record player it is then

  4. @not officially yet Karl…just the bonus CD if you buy all 3 reissues…but hopefully that will change

  5. Andy Kypri via Faceb says:

    Good news for a Tuesday morning!

  6. Wonky Drummer says:

    This is good news for collectors, but not great news musically speaking.

    After reading "Visions of a Homeland" (the Mescaleros book, still available at 2nd hand book website and well, well worth your £20 outlay)I sought out the Fire Brigade benefit footage on You Tube.

    A few of The Mescaleros remark that, while the appreciated the symbolism, musically it all sounded a bit untidy. By Mick's own admission he just plugged into a spare input on Joe's amp, as he (obviously) didn't have an amp for himself.

    The music does sound a bit messy on the YouTube footage, but you don't dwell on that too much because the visual footage is so compelling -- watching the interaction between Mick and Joe. That distraction won't be there on the record, and it might highlight a multitude of sins! Hopefully the preceeding gig before the last two numbers will make up for it.

  7. b says:

    I'm listening to it right now on Spotify(the greatest invention since the wheel btw),and it sounds pretty good to me.

    Not sure about Tony Adams and Shaktar Donetsk though.

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