Karaoke – does it help if it’s a Clash song?

27 January 2013 Under: Clash Memories, Clash News, Other Bands

Sunday has arrived and I hope you’re resting up for the week ahead. I actually got more than six hours sleep last night and now I feel like a large wheelbarrow was rested on top of me all night. Not good, so less sleep actually must agree with me it seems.

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Speaking of contributions, if anyone would like to write a guest post for the blog of 250-1000 words about The Clash or something that you think will be of interest to the readers please do contact me as I’d love to include it.

karaoke 450x299 Karaoke   does it help if its a Clash song? I’m going to touch a taboo topic today because some people love it and others including me can’t think of many worse things in life. Last night for a friend’s birthday we went to a pub in the city to take part in their weekly karaoke night. Needless to say I didn’t get up and sing under the lights although they did have eight songs by The Clash in the hymn book. Come to think of it during the entire four plus hours I don’t think anyone sang a single song that I’d put on my ‘oh great’ list. Early on some chap who thought he was Billy Joel got up and sang Piano Man with well rehearsed aplomb. It’s only when you’re confronted with watching someone sing a song you don’t really care for that you realise how long said song is. No amount of beer was going to make this painless, I went outside and watched the rain and the meat market boys and girls wander in and out of the pub for their chance to be heard. People watching turned out to be the most rewarding part of the night, certainly more so than a succession of Billy Corgan, Pat Benatar, John Lennon and Adele wannabes.

The only time I was coerced into singing Karaoke it was The Clash and while not great it wasn’t much worse than what I witnessed last night. So I thought I’d seen what the wonders of YouTube would offer from around the world. I didn’t spend much time searching so you will probably find better version but here’s a few to enjoy or at least scrutinise, if you find better just add them in the comments.

Petra, Germany

Unknown lad, USA (I Fought The Law)

Group destruction of Rock The Casbah, USA

Richie sings Radio Clash, USA (at least he seems to know it)

Two Estonian lads go to Sweden, get drunk and then this happens

Teddy takes the Train in Vain to Barcelona

Saving the best to last and hopefully Spizz will forgive me for sharing this, complete with air guitar and mumbled lyrics. Stick around for his final four words though

I can’t any more at this point but I feel I’ve redressed the balance from last night somewhat. Sorry to be a grumpy bastard.

pixel Karaoke   does it help if its a Clash song?

The future is unwritten, so share it
  • vuible Karaoke   does it help if its a Clash song?
  • more Karaoke   does it help if its a Clash song?
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22 responses to “Karaoke – does it help if it’s a Clash song?”

  1. Nate Flipside via Facebook says:

    Rockin’ the Cashbox…. lol!

  2. I found a karaoke place where there isn’t a stage, just a room and you get drinks and sing with your friends. We did lots of the Clash -- good sound system, soundproof room, why the hell not?! :)

  3. Collin Hamlett via Facebook says:

    Only if its a Pogues song so you can be drunk enouph to not care and still make it sound good. Yes, I have researched this.

  4. who is this lovely ginger girl?

  5. HutsvilleUK says:

    Man that’s so bad!

  6. HutsvilleUK says:

    Man that’s so bad!

  7. Baker Glare says:

    There you go -- ‘normal service resumed’….

    I once dared Johnny Green to do karaoke in his local pub one Saturday night years ago. He got up and did ‘I Fought The Law’ complete with a solo on the pencil (he could play it up against his teeth). His wife and I almost died with embarrassment!

  8. Tim at The Clash Blog says:

    Great stuff Baker. Don’t you sing then?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Baker would’ve done ‘Rumble’ by Link Wray according to legend. As a karaoke tune not much good because it’s an instrumental….

  10. Pete Stevens says:

    That shouldn’t have been anonymous above….Baker, please could you get in touch with me at pmsphoto@mac.com ? I’d love you to contribute to the Strummer Of Love photographic book…..Cheers, Pete.

  11. don’t know her name but you’ll find her in Seattle…you dirty old men

  12. Jim Swarthau says:

    Those who can’t do, write. Heaven forbid people have a good time without being called “wannabes” for singing tunes they like. Lighten up, Francis. And maybe get a real job.

  13. Tim says:

    Who is Francis?

  14. Jim Swarthau says:

    I see you deleted the comment. Very brave. “Lighten up, Francis”comes from Stripes, with Bill Murray. That doesn’t have the Cash in it, so you might not know it.

    • Jim Swarthau says:

      Typo, not Cash…Clash.

    • Tim at The Clash Blog says:

      I don’t tend to recall lines from 30 year old films that I saw once and the karaoke piece was more than a little tongue in cheek which you evidently missed. Get a job indeed, you condemn someone who writes as a hobby and yet come back for extra troll duty. Strange logic….

  15. Jim Swarthau says:

    The piece is insulting to those who enjoy karaoke. That’s not trolling, is it? Didn’t expect you to know Stripes, it was not the point anyways. (when I looked earlier, the comment was not there, I thought you deleted it, my apologies). We’re done here. Enjoy your wannabe writing career. Someday maybe you’ll make the big leagues.

  16. Jim Swarthau says:

    And by the way, I didn’t come back for more “trolling”. You asked a question, I answered it. Otherwise it would’ve ended there. And now it ends here.

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