‘A Permanent Record’ draws high praise plus an interview with Julian Yewdall

Good morning and thanks for coming back once more, tis kind of you. I rode my bike this morning, a short ride and just enough to get the blood pumping through my body. Now my hands ache, it really is a bit cold. A wiser man than myself would probably wear gloves. It was the coldest night here in 22 years I just read and the media in southern California are acting like the world is going to end, but it isn’t, that was last month.

A very short piece this morning and more to follow tonight assuming my fingers are still working. Back in December we did a feature on the special exhibition at Subway Gallery in London featuring images taken by Julian Yewdall of Joe Strummer before The Clash, many photos of The Clash plus others on the scene. The exhibition drew wonderful reviews from those who made it along and saw the shots that were to appear in Julian’s book “A Permanent Record”. Julian’s association with Strummer goes back to the squatting/101′ers days of 1974 as you’ll hear in the interview below.

permanent record reviews 700x274 A Permanent Record draws high praise plus an interview with Julian Yewdall

Now that the book has been on the market for a while I was reading some of the reviews that have appeared and they are, to be fair quite stellar. Bringing photos to fans that for the most part haven’t often been seen (if at all) is a tricky proposition but it seems that the book accomplished this and then some. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy for an official review due to Santa boycotting me it seems, but as you can see above and on Amazon the feedback is really promising.

You can purchase the book at these venues Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Italy and also keep abreast via the Facebook page for the book operated by Julian. I’m not certain if the book is getting a North American release but at present nothing is confirmed. I know many of us have collected quite the written Clash library and this looks like a very worthy addition. The photographs that I’ve seen thus far are just outstanding. Also meriting your time is this brief interview below with Julian that was conducted last month at Subway Gallery. Right then, must run for now but I’ll be back soon.

Julian Yewdall interview about ‘A Permanent Record’ – English with Spanish subtitles

pixel A Permanent Record draws high praise plus an interview with Julian Yewdall
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11 Responses to “‘A Permanent Record’ draws high praise plus an interview with Julian Yewdall”

  1. Yes -- I had to rorder a copy from England but wow was it worth the wait! Beautiful photos and they reflect the experience of someone who was there with Strummer in the early days -- really captures a mood and has become one of my favorite books on the Clash/Strummer (and trust me -- I have them ALL!)

  2. The book is shit hot! -- pics amazing.
    The facebook page definately worth a look too

  3. Stephanie says:

    I'll have to get my hands on a copy ….looks like interesting photographs

  4. interview is on the blog Juan ~

  5. Steve Kirk via Faceb says:

    Buy it….simple as that……

  6. Tony says:

    I was lucky enough to pick up a signed copy during a visit to Subway Gallery

    the week before Xmas.I've seen or got most or all of The Clash / Strummer books and this book is a must have for any fan. It's not just the brilliant photos of the musicians but also the great social history that it captures.

  7. Gil Warguez via Face says:

    Tim, maybe you can get a "review copy" from Julian?

  8. I never ask…if an author sees fit to send one that's nice

  9. Pete Stevens says:

    I can only add my praise for Julian for the book. I was lucky enough for him to sign it at the launch party. There are photos from this party if you're interested !

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