Joe Strummer painting from famous Joe Streno ’81 photo at Bonds

Hello and welcome back to the blog, once again I resurface like a bad penny. Hope all is well in your world, I watched Question Time on YouTube this morning and noted Mick Jones’ cousin was on the panel along with Nigel Farage squawking out his fear of Europe mantra.

After watching that I made some promises to myself; get back to regular Clash blogging even if slightly less lengthy pieces from time to time and return to regular early morning cycling as I need to get in shape and fight off the temptation to truly feel mid 40’s. I’ll let you know how the latter goes and the former will be apparent by visiting the blog.

This afternoon I wanted to feature a little bit of artwork from a long standing friend/friend of the blog from Rimini in Italy named Silvia. I’m always amazed at anyone’s ability to paint and as the subject happens to be Joe Strummer I thought I’d share it with you on the blog which she didn’t object to. The original image was taken (along with many other amazing shots) by Joe Streno at Bonds in 1981, far more on that can be learned via his blog.

silvia strummer oil Joe Strummer painting from famous Joe Streno 81 photo at Bonds


Her painting was created with oils on a medium density fibreboard and I like it so much I’m tempted so see if she’ll make me one and let me purchase it. It measures 33cm x 36cm and I’m sure she’ll answer other questions if you have them. In the meantime please join me in tipping your hat in her general direction.

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I’ve got a mad busy weekend ahead but expect to be back on the blog within 24 hours or so. Hope your weekend goes well.

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pixel Joe Strummer painting from famous Joe Streno 81 photo at Bonds

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16 responses to “Joe Strummer painting from famous Joe Streno ’81 photo at Bonds”

  1. Tracey O'C via Facebook says:


  2. Gil Warguez via Facebook says:

    Great job.

  3. I was rather surprised, the first time I saw a photo of Silvia’s painted interpretation of my Joe Strummer @ Bonds photo. Mille graze Silvia! Well done! :)

    It was also around the time I found out the same photo was being used as the cover of the Australian release of Danny Garcia’s film The Rise and Fall of the Clash.

  4. Wayne Taylor via Facebook says:

    Nice. Welcome back Tim..

  5. Michelle Cortes via Facebook says:


  6. Never forget what they did at Bonds!

  7. Ohh joe we miss you and need you now more than ever

  8. Wonky Drummer says:

    Love it. Captures the spirit of the man, as well as his look.

  9. randal d. says:

    great photo, & great re-working of the photo. Well done, comrades!

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