Joe Strummer ‘Bulletproof Thoughts’ video

Hello again, I was just about to see if I could find something daft to watch on Netflix or YouTube tonight and call it a day when I stumbled upon this just uploaded video beneath. I usually try and check for new Clash related uploads every now and then in case I’ve missed something exceptional and whilst this might not fit that category it’s definitely worth a watch.

strummer bulletproof Joe Strummer Bulletproof Thoughts videoConsequently this might be one of the shortest posts you’re likely to find on the blog but at least there’s a play button to be pressed. The video brings a segment of that JohnWilson interview with Joe Strummer in September 1999 and sets it to an arresting set of visuals. I featured that interview a while back on the blog and felt it deserved your attention, funnily enough this was one of my favourite segments from the interview.

Now I’m not one for getting over-excited about videos, computer graphics and stop motion animation or photography, though I confess to liking a bit of Wallace and Gromit when I have the time. Point being the video is watchable and cleverly done, however through that what permeates most are Joe’s words and his message which although somewhat meandering really does hit home. There’s something about Joe chatting that gives you such a great canvas for ideas.

The video creator has also done a nice job interjecting a good dose of Clash imagery within. I regret I can’t tell you that much about the developer although I believe Spanish, his name is Antoni Sendra and here’s a short feature I just found about the film on  – appears to be a Russian upload for the video (?) and his/her site is now deleted (pirate bastard). Last addition, a FB page for Bulletproof Thoughts, arty stuff indeed.

*addendum* Antoni was kind enough to get in touch and explained that the video was uploaded without permission by the aforementioned Russian (now not linked or named) and is hosted on Vimeo below. What’s up with the behaviour of some Russians lately? Next thing you know they’ll let homophobia overshadow hosting the Olympics and put young bands in prison for no reason…

Antoni’s comments are in the comments section and include a link to notes about the making of the short.

Right then, lights out for me and I hope you enjoy the film or at least give it a go.

 Joe Strummer – Bulletproof Thoughts (by Antoni Sendra)

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8 responses to “Joe Strummer ‘Bulletproof Thoughts’ video”

  1. 秋葉詠二 via Facebook says:
  2. Pete Stevens says:

    That was excellent and just left me wanting more !

  3. Bálint Laszlóczki says:

    Agreed with Pete! I love this blog: “Now I’m not one for getting over-excited about videos, computer graphics and stop motion animation or photography, though I confess to liking a bit of Wallace and Gromit when I have the time.”

    I can’t quite find the words yet to describe what I feel about the words Joe said. I’m just happy and glad that his thoughts are still out there. Listen!

  4. Antoni says:

    First of all thanks for your words and your attention. I’m Antoni Sendra, the director of the video, and I just want to let you know that the video URL you’ve posted isn’t from my page. The video is hosted in Vimeo, and this guy has just downloaded it and uploaded to his youtube account without my permission. If you want to know more about the production process, you can visit
    Thanks again for your feedback.
    All the best,

    • Tim at The Clash Blog says:


      Thanks so much ~ it’s a great video.

      I wondered about the YouTube upload being Russian, I’ll go ahead and switch to the Vimeo hosting, sorry about that. You’ve done some really nice work here.


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