If you blame someone else, you don’t learn nothing

06 November 2012 Under: Clash Memories, Clash News, Joe Strummer

Hello, still feeling a bit crap but back to normal soon I’m sure. As a result what might be my shortest post ever but today is a notable day for many it would seem so I can’t ignore what is taking place across the country.

joemirror If you blame someone else, you dont learn nothingIt’s election day in America after 2 years of campaigning, an outrageous bore that resulted in over $2 billion spent on the campaigns. I do believe it is an important day but don’t expect either candidate to ban Coldplay, endorse The Clash nor be able to fix all that ails the nation. Same as it ever was I suppose. I wish Joe was still with us as I’m sure he would have toured the US during October just to be near the mayhem that has taken place. Amazingly in a democracy it all comes down to how voters in 8 or 9 states act, as someone on the radio said this morning “People in the UK have as much to do with who becomes President as people in the other 41 states”. Quite simplistic I realize but surely every vote should count, the popular vote is proper democracy. If you live in certain states and lean one way or the other politically I can fully understand why you may feel your vote is wasted.

I prefer what Joe Strummer says:

“When you blame yourself, you learn from it. If you blame someone else, you don’t learn nothing, cause hey, it’s not your fault, it’s his fault, over there”

Voting matters, I do wish there was more choice and a greater sense of involvement. Apathy is the biggest enemy, but politicians aren’t going to mend your life, it’s up to you. I’ll be back after the dust settles.


pixel If you blame someone else, you dont learn nothing

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12 responses to “If you blame someone else, you don’t learn nothing”

  1. Blain Myhre via Face says:

    Obama 303.

  2. Hatch (Wayne Hatchel says:

    Actually Coldplay shouldn't be banned anyway. Maybe One Direction should be. The USA isn't a democracy it is a representative democratic republic.

  3. Chris says:

    Well put Tim!!


  4. Pete Stevens says:

    Keeping the same CEO for corporate America for another four years. At least he's the one with the slightly more human(e) approach to control….Romney would've been a global disaster !

  5. b says:

    Even if he gets nothing else done ,just by keeping the other lot out he's done a great job!

  6. Gordon says:

    Last weekend I went to see American Idiot the musical in Glasgow. The best thing about it was the musicians on stage but all the way through the show I couldn't help thinking about the possibility of a stage show about The Clash.

    Would this be wrong, has this been discussed before?

    I have previously seen Meeting Joe Strummer which just had backing tracks but the chance to have Mick,Paul and Topper on stage playing live to a story created to either a batch of songs or an album.

    I would like to hear your thoughts.

  7. Pete Stevens says:

    I don't see a 'Clash Musical' I'm afraid. Aside from getting Mick, Paul and Topper back together, but six or seven times a week ? Non-starter in my ever so humble opinion. Will try and see 'Meeting Joe Strummer' this winter….

  8. Wonky Drummer says:

    I totally recommend "Meeting Joe Strummer" -- it's a great play. I loved it, and I'm 38, never seen The Clash. The guys in their 50s who were there first time around, were more or less in tears. Do get to see it if you've got the chance.

  9. Pete Stevens says:

    @Wonky Drummer….I'm gonna try to make "Meeting Joe Strummer"….Hopefully there will be so photos for everyone from The Tabernacle in London tomorrow night. Spread the word !

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