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22 June 2009 Under:

This page will eventually be a home for Clash history….In the meantime it’s also home of “Cut The Crap” – a home for lazy/inaccurate posts and newspaper magazine articles. Let’s get that started:

Detroit Metro Press – Cut The Crap!  This article states (the Clash) then quickly lost the plot with misguided ambition on Sandinista! and Combat Rock.

Counter Punch – Cut The Crap!   This post reckons London Calling included  Joe Strummer yelling “London is burning, and I live by the river!” on the title track(with boredom now?)

The Daily Mirror – Cut The Crap!   I always thought toilet paper served more purpose than the Mirror and more evidence is here. Amazed to see Joe Strummer even reach your dirty pages and then what a shit and pointless list to include him in.

New Learn Guitar – Cut The Crap! Wonderfully researched piece suggests London Calling is fifth best Debut Album (?) of all time. It’s got to be the best ever 3rd release to be mistaken for a debut.

The Sunday Herald – Cut The Crap! This overview of Mick Jones’ exhibition is either just the vitriol of cynicism or the result of The Skids being your benchmark for great music circa ’77-’80

The Exiled (Blog) – Cut The Crap! Never have I read such a scorn filled appraisal of Joe Strummer. Rarely will you read such unbalanced vitriol.

Noel Gallagher – Cut The Crap! This Guardian reissue ‘celebrating’ the demise of Oasis shows the Manc was full of nonsense even 15 years ago especially when discussing Joe Strummer.

Empoprise (Blog) – Cut The Crap! No idea what the basis of “I consider the Clash a pop music band” is, and not explaining it in your same post leaves a lot to be desired.

John Kezdy (The Effigies) – Cut The Crap! Sad really as this comes from a band I really like, but read this piece to hear how he feels The Clash weren’t authentic but others were. Sorry John, no Clash, no Chicago scene (albeit very late mate!) – Cut The Crap! Putting together a list of ‘Ten frontmen who died too soon’ and excluding Joe Strummer while including Michael Hutchence (he of the glamourous ending) and Layne Staley is a pathetic omission.

Paul Weller – Cut The Crap! Weller, in the Guardian has a series of over the top quotes. Most inanely suggesting The Clash lost their punk spirit based on what they worse. This coming from man who dressed as a carnaby st. mod with feathered hair.

Gibson Guitars – Cut The Crap! Usually Gibson do a nice job of paying credit to The Clash where it’s due, but repeating the Rolling Stones mistake of including 1979’s London Calling in the ‘ten best albums of the eighties’ means your good taste is overshadowed by your lack of accuracy.

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