Gerry Harrington former manager of Joe Strummer passes away at just 50

14 February 2013 Under: Clash Memories, Clash News, Joe Strummer

Good morning and welcome back to The Clash Blog on Valentine’s Day. I’ve got a feeling that most of you are too independent-minded to acknowledge this greeting card/restaurant holiday and prefer to be amorous whenever the mood takes you. I hope so anyway.

Probably my least favourite part of writing the blog is sharing sad news, particularly if by some twist of fate the blog is the first place you happen to read about it and such a circumstance has happened again this week.

gerry harrington Gerry Harrington former manager of Joe Strummer passes away at just 50

Gerry, with friends

I was shocked to learn this week that Gerry Harrington, the former manager of Joe Strummer, passed away unexpectedly at the weekend. My first thought on reading that news was ‘this can’t be true’ and thinking that surely he was too young, I’d just seen recently made video clips featuring him. Gerry was just 50 and the news has stunned those who knew him. I didn’t know much about Gerry beyond his time managing Joe but he had a long and fruitful career which you can read more about below. What is most telling is that within an industry (he worked with actors in addition musicians) that is usually cutthroat in the extreme, Gerry’s reputation for being a wonderful man is universally stated by everyone who knew him. I didn’t realise until this week that his involvement in the extended Clash family was quite so deep either, in addition to representing Joe Strummer during the ‘wilderness years’ he also was a key individual in the founding of Strummerville.

More recently he also worked as tour manager for the 2011 reunion of Big Audio Dynamite. I’m sure his energy, enthusiasm and friendship will be deeply missed by all who knew him. Writing this from a distance I hope you’ll join me in offering sincere condolences to his family and close friends, Gerry leaves two daughters behind.  I’d like to direct you this more official obituary on (apologies for annoying auto-load advert) some of which is reproduced below. I implore you to read the comments below the piece from those that knew him, those words from so many people speak volumes. I’d also like to thank Gil W for his help with providing some extra information about Gerry.

A native of Bronxville, New York, he is survived by his daughters, Veronica and Daphne, his mother Martha, and his brother Brian. Harrington graduated from Georgetown University (1984) and began his career in the William Morris mailroom in New York City. He moved to Los Angeles and started his career as a talent agent at APA, where he represented clients such as Tom Waits, Joe Strummer, and Crispin Glover in the music and film industry. He then joined Industry Entertainment as a personal manager, representing Nicolas Cage, Christopher Lambert, amongst many others before making his mark at Brillstein Grey Entertainment.

Finally I should point out that Gerry adored Joe, he felt he lost his greatest amigo when Joe passed in 2002 and I’m guessing it went both ways. I hope they are reunited once more.  

pixel Gerry Harrington former manager of Joe Strummer passes away at just 50

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9 responses to “Gerry Harrington former manager of Joe Strummer passes away at just 50”

  1. Sorry to hear that man.. #History #Legends #ClashCityRockers

  2. We met Gerry in a pub in Shepherds Bush when B.A.D played there.He was a really friendly bloke.50 is far too early

  3. @Ian…everyone says the same about him…an obviously good egg. Sad stuff…

  4. Gil Warguez via Facebook says:

    Viva Gerry.

  5. only the good die young

  6. Steve says:

    Friend of Gerry’s, so sad at his passing. You’re 100% right about Gerry’s feelings for Joe. On December 22nd just past Gerry posted this, “I miss Joe Strummer today. A ton. So should you.”

  7. Pete Stevens says:

    My condolences to all of Gerry’s family and friends.

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