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Good Monday morning then, here we go again. Hoping that each of you had a weekend that had more highs than lows and that 2013 is getting off to at least a decent beginning. It is odd how one minute you’re getting ready for end of year traditions and the next it is the middle of January, somebody needs to slow the clock down a bit as it makes me nervous.

Wanted to spend this morning looking back at the results of a few polls we had on the blog as I have a ridiculous habit of launching a poll and then not sharing the results, like a Russian election as it were. I’m reviving The Clash Cup later this month so we need to get back in the voting swing anyway. First of all a good while back I asked which song best kicked off an album by The Clash as they had such a great habit of beginning albums with brilliant songs. The original article is right here and the final voting is as follows:

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What is really interesting about the results is that every album gets a decent amount of support which you rarely see in a poll like this. Also that the top three options from the first three albums are all within just a few votes of each other. “Give ’em Enough Rope” doesn’t often rank first as people’s choice for favourite album so seeing Safe European Home win the poll is a small shock. I can’t honestly recall how I voted but I think you can make a great argument for each and every one of the five tracks.

More recently I asked you to vote for the best stories of 2012, part one is here and part two here. Winning the first half of the year with 54% of the vote was the brilliant story about Herbie Yamaguchi having a chance meeting on the London Underground with Joe Strummer, whereas the most popular story for July-December was two part guest editorial by The Baker which pulled in 60% of all votes. I’m really pleased you enjoyed that as much as me and if he’s reading that he might want to write again for the blog. You can visit the post by The Baker if you missed it here, while the Strummer story on the tube is right here.  I should have a follow up to that story soon, I’m just waiting for permissions. Also speaking of the tube (if you’re interested) I wrote this piece the other day about something I find myself missing a great deal about London.

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10 Sep 1979 - © Roger / Corbis Images (click to enlarge)

Finally just last week I asked whether you thought something more ‘official’ needs to be done in London to recognise The Clash and the districts of London which shaped them, their sound and their concerns. The response was overwhelmingly positive that something should be tried so I’m adding that to my list of goals for this year. One possible option to pursue involves a famous pub deep in the heart of Clash territory, more on that soon.

That brings us just about current, which leaves me only to add a reminder that the Strummer of Love book wants your contributions to complete the book. If you’ve ever wanted to write about The Clash and Joe then this might be your best chance, full details are on this post from Friday. Lastly (honestly) if you ever want to do a guest post on the blog about the band or a unique thing we haven’t covered, or even if we have, please do so. It could be about a concert, a venue, meeting a member of the band or just how they’ve influenced you. I’m always keen to host guest posts that might be of interest to Clash fans so if you’d like to write just contact me. That’s me finished for now but I’ll return soon.

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