December arrives with such a difficult anniversary in store

Welcome back on this Friday evening to the blog as we happily clutch on to another weekend. Here at Clash Blog Towers we’ve been surrounded by heavy fog giving way to rain now and then for the better part of 48 hours. It’s almost December and I love it to be honest as it’s not cold just coastal and seasonal although I don’t know if that nonsense sold by the Beach Boys back in the 60’s was completely genuine. Good harmonies though. I see that it has been bloody freezing back in England this week so while in terms of the blog I often lament not being back in London when it comes to the weather I can’t complain as to where I’ve ended up. Lots of little stories to be getting on with then tonight so let’s get started.

As most of you are aware Strummerville have had a rather tricky few months but the foundation is still making positive strides as we head toward the new year, fundraising efforts continue though so please see if you can give them a hand at the tail end of the year. One of the new partnerships they’ve announced is with my preferred shoe-maker (cobblers to you son) Dr. Martens. In a special event to showcase the new alliance Strummerville were hosted at the London shop along with an appearance by The Supernovas. Photos of the event are located right here below and you can read more about the agreement right here on the Strummerville site. I think there will be future dates at the DM shop in 2013.

In other news a fair few new Joe Strummer tribute nights have been added for December in far flung cities, check back next week for more information or check the calendar section of the site which will be refreshed this weekend. As I hoped all along more corners of the world than usual will allow you to get along to attend something reasonably nearby in some cases. If you haven’t got an event near you recognising the 10th anniversary you have three weeks to get something sorted. I’m talking to Chicago, Dublin and Paris to name just three for a start.

Do you remember that there used to be a US music magazine called Rolling Stone that once covered music that occasionally mattered at least a bit. Does anyone buy music magazines any more? This was years before they turned their attentions to uninspiring actors and teen pop sensations. It seems it is still in publication and to celebrate that fact they’ve decided to get back to basics for this month at least and have Joe Strummer adorning the cover on this special and rather difficult anniversary. The upshot of that is I will need to purchase a copy this month to see what they have to say, so you can expect information about that soon. If you’ve already beaten me to the punch let me know how it worked out for you. It is a brilliant photo on the cover though, it has to be said. Nice to see Rolling Stone getting their house in in order this month though.

rs joe strummer dec 12 December arrives with such a difficult anniversary in store

In fact I have to brave the rain soon to get some urgently needed coffee and cigarrettes so I’ll get Rolling Stone on that trip and let you know what it includes. Have a brilliant weekend, we’ll talk soon.


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16 responses to “December arrives with such a difficult anniversary in store”

  1. Donna says:


  2. I will be glad when that football season is over…:)

  3. it's not due to football !

  4. Vesa Hakli says:

    Joe Strummer tribute nights in Finland too: Revolution Rock Tampere in the City of Tampere Dec 22th calls onstage local Clashters, Control with a bunch of guests from Finnish rock scene.

    Revolution Rock Helsinki Jan 5th in the Finnish capital also has Control w/guests and Culainin koirat playing The Pogues but singing in Finnish. Updates pending.

  5. Donna Schorer via Fa says:

    I remember Joe's passing as you, saying, "I don't even want to tell you this"…cuz you knew i'd have an el grande collapse. Oh, my friend, it's a major loss, but his spirit lives on.

  6. Donna Schorer via Fa says:

    Gonna take a Nitcomb…

  7. Gil Warguez via Face says:

    That's the Italian Rolling Stone, though.

  8. Only seems like yesterday, was a shock at the time, on the 22nd we can celebrate his life,I like mick was so glad he played with joe at the fire Brigades union five weeks before he passed…

  9. didn't see this one in the store yesterday…

  10. Gil Warguez via Face says:

    WG, that's b/c it's not the American Rolling Stone.

  11. Mark says:

    Just back from the newsagents, where a quick glance at the new issue of Rolling Stone showed teen pop sensation Jimmy Page gracing the front cover.

  12. Petteri Paksuniemi v says:

    Snowy & freezing. Waiting for the Rise and Fall of The Clash-dvd release,

  13. Pete Stevens says:

    Afetr the brilliant 'Arms Aloft' gig at The Tabernacle last month I've started December with a reading last night at Waterstones in Notting Hill Gate by Chris Salewicz from his excellent book 'Redemption Song -- The Definitive Biography of Joe Strummer'. The upstairs room was crowded and included many friends from the area. I turned round to see Glen Matlock sitting behind me. Julian Yewdall, one of Joe's oldest friends and the author of 'A Permanent Record' was also there and we all had a chance to chat in 'The Uxbridge' pub afterwards. Waterstones had seen fit to provide ONE bottle of red wine and a dozen glasses for the forty plus people in attendance ! In this tenth/sixtieth anniversary year Chris's book has been reprinted as a large paperback. Ideal Christmas present !!

  14. Steve North says:

    Meeting Joe Strummer, the award winning play is on for 5 performances at The Cockpit Theatre London NW8 with the original cast on the 19th-22nd December. Set at the Acton gig in Nov 2002, the play tells the story of two friend's chance meeting at the gig and through a series of flashbacks looks at their friendship as defined by their love of The Clash and Joe Strummer. The play has done two national tours and an Edinburgh run but this is the first time it has had a run in London. All profits from the run will be going to Strummerville.Be great to see some of you there. Come and raise a glass for Joe.

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