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If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions for the site please feel free to contact me via:

Email: Tim(at)

Facebook: The Clash Blog Facebook page

Twitter: see the homepage or – twitter account theclashblog

Personal photos related to the band, concert recollections or meetings with band members or associated people are most welcome. The more information I can share via the site the better resource it becomes. I welcome ideas for projects and events that should be of interest to Clash fans, especially art gallery events, concerts, tributes and book or magazine features.

Areas I welcome help with:

  • Landmarks: if you are in a city where The Clash ever played I’ll be doing a feature on the venue itself – and the concert if the information is available.
  • Photography: same as above, recent or older images of venues/landmarks
  • Reviews: Reviews of albums, books or films that will appeal to Clash fans
  • Ideas: In general, running features for the blog that will be of interest to many visitors

Thanks to the many who have already contributed. The more input from you the better the site becomes.


The future is unwritten, so share it
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50 responses to “Contact”

  1. Hi Tim

    You twittered you were after a contact for the Joe Strummer event in Sydney.

    It is For more information contact:
    Basil Cook | 0xxx xxx xxxx |


    Paul Cashmere

  2. Megan says:

    Hi Tim,
    I’m writing from Surfdog Records. Thanks for posting about Brian on your blog, we really appreciate it! We’re gearing up to release a brand new Brian Setzer album this Fall and I’d love to add you on to our e-mail list so we can keep you in the loop. I did not see an e-mail address on your blog. Please send me an e-mail at if you would like to be added to our list!

  3. ROD BOMB says:


  4. Karl says:

    Tim, any chance you can reproduce the page topper (No pun intended) "What the Clash wont do for money".i don't remember seeing it back inthe day and would be interested to do so.



  5. Karl says:

    Cheers mate. BTW, see any football results last weekend. 2-1 to the champions. Ha ha.

    • Karl,

      I've a great sense of humour (as must you, supporting the dullest man u team in decades). It was nice of us to gift you a win I agree….in 35 years of watching games I've never seen one handed over with such kindness. Have you? Or did you see something else? Champions….yeah until Chelski lock it up this season. Methinks you miss your special one.

  6. Karl says:

    I refer the honourable member to the remark I made some weeks ago.
    I have to admit though, not all that inspiring to watch at the moment. Vs Wigan, they were pretty damn good but, it was only Wigan.

  7. Daniel Ferguson says:

    LOOOOOOOVE the WEBSITE/BLOG and proud to say I made it a favorite in nothing flat! Fantastic Job!

  8. Hi Tim.
    Your readers migh be interested in a piece I've written for the New Statesman magazine about the Jail Guitar Doors documentary, Breaking Rocks.
    It's at….
    The film features Mick Jones teaming up with Billy Bragg to help out with his prisoner rehabilitation project.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Sander says:


    great blog!

    We just linked to you:


  10. cha says:

    Met Michael Foot once had a talk over a cup of tea at a conference in Dublin . His belief in the working class was what kept him going for so long. A great man who has cast a long shadow

  11. john herkes says:

    i just watched the future is unwritten and i wanted to share this story i am from brampton about 20 mins from toronto my father was from dalkeith scotland just outside of edinburgh . back in nov 2002 my grandmother passed away so my sister and i flew over for the funeral flew in on the friday met with they funeral home person on the saturday and we organized the funeral arrangements and he informed us that the death notice would be in the monday edition of the evening news so we bought like 4 editions to bring copies back with us , well i was reading thru the paper and got to the entertainment section and saw that joe was playing that night remembrance day nov 11 at the liquid room so my sister and i found our way into edinburgh and to the liquid room where the show was that night got our tickets went next door for a few pints until the venue opened so its show time and we are in this old church all the kids on the floor and all the old clash fans on the balcony i had goose bumps all night i was closer than i have ever been at any clash show i attended ,i met a rugby player at the show told him my story and he looked at me and said something good comes from something bad he couldnt of been more right joe passed away less than a month later and will be forever missed

  12. Puro says:

    Wellcome back Tim!, I'm Puro from Barcelona (sorry for my terrible english), I'm happy for the return of the blog. I have another blog from spanish Clash fans named "Clash Spain" but your blog is the number one!…, thanks for your work!


  13. Paulina says:



    I've got a tryptich of original prints of the band at the London Calling Concert, with provenance from the photographer. These prints include the famous guitar smashing scene, and some prints leading up to it.

    Do contact me if any interested fans want to acquire these?


    • Tim at The Clash Blo says:


      Please email me tim (at)

      If we can get some photos I'd be glad to help.


  14. shell says:


    im trying to get hold of a pair of Toppers drumsticks for

    my husbands 40th birthday. Hes a drummer himself and would be

    over the moon if i found some.

    Does anyone have any suggestions??

    Thanks Shell

  15. martin says:

    Lots of info re artworks but none about auction… where, when? How can i bid? Thanks Martin

  16. Clint says:


    I saw the Clash a few times including two nights at the Top Rank in Birmingham on the 16 Tons tour.

    They played a cover of the 101ers 'Keys To Your Heart' and I've never come across a recording of it by them.I hoped it might have been a part of the extras on the repackaged London Calling CD a few years back,but no joy…

    Anyone know of a live version out there anywhere?

  17. Pete Stevens says:

    @ Clint….I saw them the week before in Deeside and the best site I know is this one with information about known recordings throughout their career….

    Click on the appropriate year/dates and hopefully you will be able to find something useful. Spizz (probably as Ahtletico Spizz 80) supported them at one of the two dates -- I was actually in contact with him last night -- and next time I see him I could ask him if there are any recordings he knows of. Sadly the Deeside gig wasn't recorded, but thankfully I do have other bootlegs where I was in attendance.

    I'll also ask Clash archivist Steve Kirk whether he can help with some information. Steve recently posted Joe's final live performance with the Mescaleros here and he's another friend who might be able to help.

    Pete, Acton

  18. I've started a Facebook campaign to try and get The Clash as the Christmas Number One in the UK music charts. Its to ensure Simon Cowell's X-Factor winner doesn't get to number one. They're are other Facebook campaigns to get other songs to number one, but those are mostly novelty or irronic choices. This Is England while not representing the best time in the career of The Clash does hauntingly depict a modern day Britain exactly 25 years after the song came out. There's mass unemployment, the Conservatives are in power and there's a pessimistic outlook on when things are going to get better. I think this song could mean a lot to a lot of people, many of whom probably have never heard of it before.

    So if you could use your blog to get behind my campaign I would be very grateful.

  19. luiz paulo says:

    you think to do the same as they do the tour in Brazil?

  20. luiz paulo says:

    Hello Tim, I have a good amount of LPs and compact cassettes and tapes of bands, singers from various genres and epochs of Brazilian music if you or anyone is interested please contact the facebook.OBS: some Vinyls are to cover a little worn due to longer LPs are in perfect condition if anyone interested in buying or exchange up to send me a message here on facebook or gmail lpof666.luizpaulo @

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