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Joe Strummer interview reminds us what we’re missing

Good evening and welcome back to a rather healthy feeling but still hungry Clash Blog Towers. I’ve spent most of today working on a new client website for a local Indian restaurant and the photographs of delicious looking food have left me feeling a bit ravenous. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach which is fair enough, I just can’t get my head around why my stomach seems to have been made in Bangalore, it’s just the most wonderful and sensual food when done well. As luck would have it for dinner tonight I had a spinach and arugula salad with pear and blue cheese, nothing wrong with that but it hasn’t fixed my biryani craving one bit.

I wanted to thank Paolo on the Facebook page this morning for sending over a link to a Joe Strummer video that I’d never seen before. I’m sincerely hoping that if I’ve not seen it then a decent ratio of you won’t have viewed it before. You’ll find it below in full and was held with Music Planet just after the release of ‘Global A Go-Go’ which dates it from probably August 2001.

joe strummer global press Joe Strummer interview reminds us what were missing

I watched it twice this morning with coffee and I have to say the first time made me miss Joe more than ever and the second time made me laugh aloud a few times and reflect on just how happy he was overall with life, with his place in the world and with working with The Mescaleros. He’ll make you laugh one minute and feel reflective the next, why we listen to music and why it matters are covered in fairly simple statements by Strummer but that doesn’t make them any less valid. He had arrived at a point where he was excited about music and about being alive, his recollection of his excitement over a hand dryer in a New York pub ‘ a cruddy old bit of iron on the wall’ showed that he wasn’t just wandering through life. Something to think about really.

Joe Strummer Music Planet interview – summer 2001

He credits the band as being key to his own excitement at that time and it made me think that Joe’s extensive time in the music ‘wilderness’ may have had much to do with not finding the right people to work with. He was never cut out to be a ‘solo act’ in the traditional sense of the term. Anyway I won’t ramble all too long about the interview, I really hope it will be new to some of you.

I know we tend to reflect on Joe in a louder/more public way in conjunction with certain anniversaries but like many of you I find it aches on an almost daily basis knowing he had to leave at such a young age and in the midst of a very productive phase for him. I hope he knew how much he’ll always matter.

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pixel Joe Strummer interview reminds us what were missing

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