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The Clash visit New York, a quick roundup

Back again for a midweek roundup of the boys’ (just Mick and Paul this time) recent excursion to New York City. Last Thursday I tried to bring something approaching live(ish) coverage of things via the Facebook page which almost worked out. There was rather a lot going on and it was a laugh at times due to your comments.

There was the Q&A session featuring Paul, Mick and the guest appearance of a very old and tatty looking sleeper/settee. Imagine changing the history of rock music – releasing a box set to capture that – get invited to New York to promote it and then have to sit on that awful thing. Very strange. The session at the gallery looked to be housed in a crowded space a bit smaller than our bedroom and locally based Kosmo Vinyl joined the festivities to help answer the questions I assume. Then it was over to Niagara where at about 11pm the updated Joe Strummer mural was revealed in front of Mick Jones and the assembled crowd. Those on hand included Bob Gruen, Jim Jarmusch, mural artist Dr Revolt, Jesse Malin and a really decent sized crowd considering it was a school night and no solid guarantee of an appearance by a Clash member.

I’ve done a bit of online trawling to see what coverage was documented of events in Manhattan and have so far come up with the following, these may be supplemented by more just as soon as I find a little more time. Beyond the Sirius music thing and the mural I was certain more was on tap and so it proved with a Reddit ‘ask me anything’ session the following day. Does a Clash audience regularly use Reddit would be my first question?

Off we go then into a slice of the action from the city that never sleeps (perhaps due to the shit futons on offer), my apologies for this being a bit of a late post but am playing catch up after the weekend. We’ve already had a look at the mural on last Friday’s post so what else happened?

kosmo mick paul couch The Clash visit New York, a quick roundup

that couch! image courtesy

Brooklyn Vegan captured a series of photographs of the event and even a short video of the session, not sure whether the whole thing was filmed. A pile of good snaps and a bit of supporting text that revealed that the questions were posed by David Fricke of Rolling Stone. The best way to find out the nature of the answers oddly was Twitter where some keen fans typed out some of the memories recounted by Mick and Paul including Pete Townshend of The Who trying to introduce his bandmates to The Clash at Shea Stadium and them, the elders, not being particularly interested. The result was just Pete (who did genuinely champion The Clash) playing football with The Clash using a smashed can as a ball in their dressing room. One day a good short book could be written about The Clash supporting The Who although I’m not sure anyone really wants to revisit it. The gallery (WallPlay) was decked out with some classic photos of The Clash to add to the mood.

This is where I get confused – was this event the press meet and greet or the Sirius event? I’m assuming it was the latter but I’m not 100% clear. If you were there please let me know.

Jeff Slate posted a great piece in Guitar World about the visit and extracts of his conversation with Paul, Mick and Kosmo. What’s great to read is even though they are deep into a long spell of interviews and promotion is that the patience for the fans is always noted, seemingly understanding that many of us have waited years to just say a quick word or get something signed. For Jones particularly he seems to have evolved into a role he’s very comfortable with – he’s now a fan of The Clash along with being the founding member. He seems to hold the work in some degree of reverence along with deep affection after all these years. Someone wrote recently (I forgot where) that Mick is perhaps the biggest Clash fan of all.

Billboard published a pretty standard generic piece on the conference, just about worth a visit. Reuters (wow) essentially did the same.

Steve Lewis wrote a longer and more interesting piece for that you ought to have a look at. There’s a few inaccuracies such as Futura 200 and the mural being tagged in reference to Julian Temple’s film about Joe whereas the phrase ‘The Future is Unwritten’ dates back to Know Your Rights artwork doesn’t it?

There are quite a few more similar pieces out there but I’ll leave you with this one from Hollywood Reporter which is worth a few minutes of your time.

clash billboards nyc 700x524 The Clash visit New York, a quick roundup

image courtesy


Thanks for dropping in, I’ll be back soon but for now I best get some work done.

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pixel The Clash visit New York, a quick roundup

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