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Starting the year with The Clash at The Roxy courtesy of the BBC

Good afternoon and welcome back to the blog once again, there’s about 7 hours of 2014 remaining here as I write this and for much of the world the new year has already arrived. Wherever you may be and however this year went for you I hope that the new one brings you much happiness, health and personal sense of achievement or accomplishment. I’m feeling slightly more aware than usual this year that we don’t have forever left and need to really push on to do the things in life that we want to – make 2015 a big part of doing some of that list if you can.

As for the first of the year it’s a bloody nice start to the year for fans of The Clash who have access to BBC Four tomorrow, for those of us without (that’d be me) we’ll hopefully have to wait no more than 24 hours for a YouTube or Vimeo upload of a broadcast that has us frothing at the mouth for tomorrow we’re promised previously unseen footage of one of the earliest ever Clash gigs at the famous and short lived Roxy just off of Covent Garden in London. It’s the anniversary too of the gig that took place on January 1st, 1977 exactly 38 years ago. I’m ashamed to say that at that time I was still about two years from hearing about The Clash (I blame my age of just 9 at the time) but what I wouldn’t give to have been at that or any of the gigs during the first eighteen months of the bands existence.

bbc the clash new years day Starting the year with The Clash at The Roxy courtesy of the BBC

The broadcast is set for 22:45 GMT and here’s the official link for the BBC promo and BBC iPlayer in case you miss it, an except from which appears tomorrow. With a running time of 75 minutes it’s clear that it won’t just be concert footage, they probably played less than forty minutes, so I’m also keen to see what else makes the broadcast.

Built around the earliest, until now unseen, footage of the Clash in concert, filmed by Julien Temple as they opened the infamous Roxy club in a dilapidated Covent Garden on January 1st 1977, this show takes us on a time-travelling trip back to that strange planet that was Great Britain in the late 1970s and the moment when punk emerged into the mainstream consciousness.

Featuring the voices of Joe Strummer and the Clash from the time, and intercutting the raw and visceral footage of this iconic show, with telling moments from the BBC’s New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay and New Year’s Day schedules of nearly 40 years ago, it celebrates that great enduring British custom of getting together, en masse and often substantially the worse for wear, to usher in the New Year.

Small prizes for the first person to message me on January 2nd (I hope) to tell me someone has uploaded the video, can’t wait to see it. I wrote a lot more about The Roxy on this post back in 2010 which is good preparation for tomorrow night.

Happy New Year and all the best for the twelve months to come.



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pixel Starting the year with The Clash at The Roxy courtesy of the BBC

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