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The Clash Blog 2013 review part two

Welcome back to the blog and welcome to 2014 I hope this will be a good one for all of you I know I’ve got my fingers crossed. 2013 was a mixed bag if I’m being fair as there were loads of ups and downs and we lost some great people (Mandela, Lou Reed, Phil Chevron and so many more) plus yes the world still looks a bit shagged to be honest, so let’s try and fix it.

For now I’ve got part two of the top posts of 2013 based on number of ‘reads’ by you – it doesn’t actually mean these were the best posts but the most popular. Part one was the previous post in case you missed it.


It’s heartwarming and amazing that more than a decade since Joe passed his memory is being reinforced by tributes in new places. There was a great buzz in Spain with the dedication of a square and his widow Lucinda officially opened Joe Strummer plaza in Granada. I’ll need to add it to my Clash bucket list which worryingly seems to be getting longer as I get older. I just need a year off to travel the world and visit Clash connected locations and write about them – if ever there was a Kickstarter idea that has to be it.


Continuing the theme of new tributes to Joe (we need some for the whole band eh?) the news that Gary Loveridge had commissioned a new mural in Ladbroke Grove made – London to see a Joe Strummer mural unveiled this week – the top story of June. It’s wonderful to see it but still can’t quite believe it took over a decade to happen so a tip of the cap to Gary and artist Emma Harrison are in order, thank you.


By  July the buzz had begun about the new Clash box set Sound System which still wasn’t out until December. Thus the most popular post was – Clash City T-Shirt designers win cash plus new Sound System box – the t-shirt design is something I never went back and covered but the box set was the hot topic for the next few months.


In conjunction with the promotion of the new box set we saw lots of interviews with Mick, Topper and Paul throughout the later summer and into autumn but my favourite broadcast of all was – The Clash interview on BBC Radio 4 – which not only was one of the more interesting ones but also did a brilliant job of splicing in a 1999 Joe Strummer interview so it felt like he was part of the action, best of all it’s still archived if you follow the link in the post.

strummer mural london design 700x538 The Clash Blog 2013 review part two

The design for the London Joe Strummer mural

I can’t close out the year just gone without extending some sincere thanks to a few people who have helped the site with contributions, sharing and promoting the website, simply encouraging me, adding good energy and even helping out a Clash fan who was stranded in the UK earlier in the year when visiting from the US. I’m sure I’ll forget a few names for which I’m sorry but I thank you all, you know who you are but include, Pete Stevens, The Baker, Herpreet (who guest posted at Christmas), Stummerville (especially Steve), Brenda S , Ray Gange, Gil W for his videos-photos and attention to detail, Gil R, Randal Doane, Silvia, Jonathan R M, Carrie S, Arseblogger, Goonerholic, Ade, Steve Kirk, WG McMutton, Charlotte Westwood (extra love for being so nice to our stranded Clash fan) Angela P in Toronto, Steve P in the same city.

Then of course I must thank Nob Suzuki, Stephen Scott in Glasgow, Race, Jen and Jenn (both in Philly), Sean Cooper, Billy Bragg, Jack Rabid, Karl Statton, Joe Swinford, Wayne Taylor, Michael Mahoney, Robyn Nichol, Jenny Lens, Laura Keeny, Paula Hicks, Strummercamp (thanks Sarah B), Damien H in Australia, Scott L in Melbourne, Gary Loveridge,  Janie Jones, Clash-O-Phile and of course Mick, Topper, Joe, Paul and Terry. I also must mention Kim (Clash Bloggette) who never tires of me taking the time to work on the blog and also fixes it when I break things, I love you more than I can ever explain.

Finally thank you all for reading this nonsense, if you don’t read it I’d surely stop writing it. What was your highlight of 2013?

The final part three to follow and until then Happy New Year.

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