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Rock in Idro moves to the Joe Strummer Arena in Bologna

Saturday and a long weekend for some of you I believe, but not here in America where holidays that don’t have something to do with Pilgrims or Presidents just don’t seem to take for some reason. Easter hasn’t really felt like it used to since I moved here, in part because the lack of a long weekend and also because chocolate in the States is just rank and they don’t sell big chocolate eggs. Imagine if your local chocolate wasn’t sweet enough, was a bit stale and tasted a bit like dry pieces of cardboard. There you have american chocolate, perhaps that’s why they don’t take the long weekend?

Today’s post is short and sweet, like nice chocolate, and brought a big old grin to my face. I’m 100% behind naming certain things after Joe Strummer, sadly he’s been gone now for over eleven years and a whole new generation of music fans should never forget the man if you ask me. Therefore I was happy to notice that a pretty large music festival in Italy has moved to a new arena that bears his name.

Rock in Idro (Idrho) is a summer music festival that began in 2005 and has been held each summer since with the exception of three missed years including 2013. Originally held in Milan, after the hiatus last year it has been moved to Bologna and takes place this summer from May 30 – June 2. It’s a pretty big festival which began with a more punk leaning and has gradually modified to include more genres of rock music. In terms of the acts over the years it has hosted many including The Offspring, NOFX, Iggy and The Stooges, Buzzcocks, The Pogues, Babyshambles and Social Distortion.

From what I can tell it’s an outdoor thing (hence in the summer) held in a large city park (Parco Nord) with camping but best of all the venue/arena is called ‘Arena Joe Strummer’  in a rather fitting and lovely gesture to Joe. I believe the ‘venue’ retained its name after the Strummer festival held there last year? Correct me if I’m wrong.

rock idro 2014 Rock in Idro moves to the Joe Strummer Arena in Bologna

As you probably know The Clash developed an amazing following in Italy that not only saw them play some amazing gigs there but in a situation that is unique to Italy and just a handful of other countries the lasting legacy of The Clash and the socio-political aspects of the band have resonated over the decades in ever-increasing decibels. In a strange turn of tradition (my theory…could be wrong and I look for Italians to confirm or deny this) I think The Clash have become more popular/more important in Italy since they ended that at any point during their existence. You could actually quite easily have an Italian version of this blog such is the readership from that part of the world. Does anyone want to translate each post for me?

All of that aside, it’s great to see that the festival keeps his name alive and prominent and if any of you are attending this year and can capture photos that demonstrate the use of Joe’s name at the festival please send them in to the blog. Incidentally The Pogues play again this year along with Queens of The Stone Age, Fatboy Slim, The Pixies and Manic Street Preachers to name just a few. You can find out more about Rock in Idro here or get tickets and such.

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pixel Rock in Idro moves to the Joe Strummer Arena in Bologna

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