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Toronto celebrates Joe Strummer on January 17th

Hello again and welcome back. Overheard yesterday a conversation between two locals – someone had never heard of Bradley Wiggins, the person who knew who he was said ‘he’s just like Lance Armstrong except for the fact he’s not a fucking cheat’. Thought that was funny.

Right then…anything exciting going on? A few things to be fair.

Early warning for a major event in Toronto on January 17th  which will be a week from this coming Thursday. Lots of reasons to recommend this; it features our old friend Prince Blanco (Shatter The Hotel Project), proceeds support Jail Guitar Doors and Strummerville plus admission is just $5. Rather than rely on me for the facts here is the official blurb below. I know we get a lot of readers from Toronto and the surrounding area so I hope many of you are able to make it along.

Please mark this one on your calendar and come on out for LONDON’S BURNING, a live tribute to The Clash and Joe Strummer, featuring Special Strummerville DJ Prince Blanco, as well as a screening of the Joe Strummer documentary, “The Future is Unwritten”. The cost is $5 and all proceeds are going to two worthy charities, namely, Strummerville and Jail Guitar Doors. 3030 is the fabulous new jewel of the Junction, featured in NOW magazine as one of the 10 best restaurants in Toronto as well as a great new concert venue.

Doors: 8pm
Documentary screening: 9pm
LONDON’S BURNING play your favourite Clash tunes at 11pm.
Prince Blanco DJ’s Clash inspired music all night long.

It has been 10 years since Joe left us and this event is celebrate the music of his band, a band that Rolling Stone magazine famously called, “the only band that matters”.

Watch for door prizes and special drinks.

If you need any additional information please let me know. There is a facebook page for the event and you can learn more about the venue/restaurant right here.

don letts prince blanco 2008 525x700 Toronto celebrates Joe Strummer on January 17th

Don Letts & Prince Blanco

In other less important news, thank you for taking the time to vote on the best blog post from 2012. At present the final two look to be the advice given on the tube train by Joe Strummer and the special guest posts we had on the site from The Baker. To participate in the voting in case you missed it you’ll need to visit the posts from January 1st and also the 2nd. Speaking of voting I’m also resurrecting The Clash Cup later this month. You have been warned…it will be fun. Also tonight, depressed Newcastle supporters can get along to the Joe Strummer tribute at Komedia in a few hours. It will be far more enjoyable than losing to Brighton (again).

Finally today in what is turning into a bit of a random post – here is a link to a German dubbed/subtitled version of ‘The Future is Unwritten’ which will be handy should you speak German. Many years ago I worked for a German company but never learned more than enough to order beer and food – I still might watch it though.

Sorry for the short post – lots to be getting on with today but I shall be back soon.


pixel Toronto celebrates Joe Strummer on January 17th

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