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England’s Dreaming and Punk Britannia

Welcome back, nice to see you, how was your week? I realise you’re all still awfully excited about that jubilee weekend in the UK but I’m glad you tore yourself away from the television/banks of the Thames long enough to keep your sanity. Amazing how a country in recession can spend that much on a party to honour one of the richest people on earth. I’ll confess to missing a lot of things about London such as the people, the football, the pubs, the music, the parks, the vastness and history but at times like this I’m so glad I’m not there. Surrounded by union jack waving lunatics who’ve driven their land rovers up from Berkshire for the day. No thanks. On an even more grim note I trust you’ve been following events in Syria over the last few weeks, I can’t conceive of the hideous brutality that is taking place but talk about a reality check. You’d like to think that in 2012 mass killings (of children!) were a horror of the past and that we’re better than that now, it makes you ashamed to be the same species and wishing that systems of government and control were never allowed the authority to commit such injustice and cruelty. It’s beyond awful.

mick jones in punk britannia 450x297 Englands Dreaming and Punk BritanniaHmmm…trying to write about other things after that seems almost trivial but I tend to need to release a few thoughts when they are gnawing at my mind so fervently. Paragraph two as ever is a good place to start if you want to avoid my sporadic ranting.

I’m pleased with the response to the Danny Garcia interview in the earlier post, best of all is that a number of people had said they weren’t interested in the film have now changed their mind after reading the interview. I think that’s fantastic and also feel that with the right approach the film will be very revealing although still rather doom laded I still have some concerns about it which won’t go away, I suppose we’ll need to wait and see. Then again as I wrote above you have to try and keep things in perspective. As soon as I learn more about other screenings for the film I’ll be sure to let you know, as ever following the facebook page is often a good place to keep track as other people will often post information too. Hard to believe I know, but I’m not at my computer 24 hours every day looking for the latest Clash related news.

Speaking of that I have a few bits and pieces today that are worth a quick look and will keep you busy until the weekend. Trivial but fun first then as you’ll see in this piece in the Huffington Post, it would appear that ridiculous names for children are increasing rapidly. I know first hand when the kids come home from school and tell me about their friends named Journey or Drifter that names aren’t what they used to be. Why am I sharing this with you then? In amongst the ridiculous names given to children in 2011 which include Governor and Moo there is one bit of bright news, the fact that six boys can proudly (oddly?) carry the first name Strummer for the rest of their lives. Still not sure it’s a good idea though, what if some poor sod was called Chris Martin as a first name because his parents loved Coldplay? I hate the name Chris anyway but being named Chris Martin is a cruel and unusual punishment. If your name is Chris I apologise, I’ve just experienced a 100% areshole rate with those who have that name on the male side. I do like the name Brilliant though, I guess just having that as a nickname will have to suffice. Being named Strummer is a bit odd to be honest but talk about pressure. I’m expecting a lot from these young lads.

Finally a bit of television from the UK in case you missed it. Punk Britannia (part 1) aired last week and received a mixture of reactions but it’s best you make your own minds up. Part 1 (15 mins) is below whilst part 2, part 3 and part 4 are all linked in this very sentence. I haven’t had time to watch it all yet so I’m hoping for sufficient levels of Clash.

0 Englands Dreaming and Punk Britannia

Punk Britannia Part 1 (of 4)

Lots of football this weekend then. I can’t get that excited about international football these days but I’ll try my best. Russia is where I’d place my money (if you want to make some money) or safer bets would be Germany and Spain. England will be heading home after 3 games I think. More later this weekend and I’ll get my Clash hat back on I promise.

pixel Englands Dreaming and Punk Britannia

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