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Strummer of Love latest and a chance to win free tickets

Good morning Clash people wherever you may be and welcome back to the blog or indeed thanks for finding it for the first time. Somehow it’s Wednesday already and the days just go by at an ever more rapid rate. It worries me a little as I approach the summer of my 45th birthday and I’ve yet to get half of the things of off my list of goals for my life, if you ever wonder should you wait for a better time to make changes in your life don’t delay. I wish I’d moved back to the coast 5 years earlier and although it wasn’t practical at the time I still don’t quite know what I was doing in Phoenix. But wait, I think it was having the chance to meet and chat to Mick and Paul after the Gorillaz concert back in the desert during October 2010 – that must have been it.

A few updates then in between the excel sheets and endless pints of coffee that are dominating the week. So off we go….

Strummerville as you know have put together the rather giant and very special Strummer of Love festival this August down in Somerset. We’re just over two months away from that unique weekend and hopefully many of you are able to attend. I realise that the cost has hampered many people’s ability to attend which is understandable, I can’t help but feel it should have been in a more central part of the UK – easier to access from London, the Midlands, the North and Leicester. I also fully understand the romance of choosing the Somerset location but I think that travel costs make it very tricky for many, especially if you lived in Norwich or Newcastle for example. If by chance you want to create a Strummer of Love rideshare/carpool scheme to help like minded attendees share costs please let me know, I’d be happy to try and connect people via the blog to defer some of that expense. Another way to save some costs is now being offered via the official site and would be great if you pool together a Strummer gang to attend – they have a special group package where if you purchase 6 tickets the 7th is free. Savings per person would equate to £25. Better still Strummerville are making it easy to do and ‘approved’ to create a link and share it with your friends either local or online to help you reach that 7 ticket threshold. By all means create a link and share it on my Facebook page for the blog, the more people who can be helped to attend the better – full details here. Enter even if you can’t attend, I’m sure we can find a taker for the tickets via the blog.

This, on the other hand is the least expensive way to attend the event – a chance to win a pair of tickets for free. Full details via all you need do is register and answer an easy question to be entered. I can’t provide you the answer but I think you’ll manage.

strummer of love edited banner Strummer of Love latest and a chance to win free tickets

I’ve yet to find a forum feature that works well with the blog on WordPress – but I do hope the blog can help connect people attending the festival and save a bit of cash in doing so. Any other ideas are welcome.

I must press on – more soon, lots of good stuff including a competition, a special anniversary concert and the return of The Clash Cup (finally). Tim. PS- Come on Holland….

pixel Strummer of Love latest and a chance to win free tickets

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