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Lost in the Supermarket 10 – guitars, hats, prints and clocks

Good morning and as someone once sang ‘welcome to the working week’. Do you happen to have a favourite Monday morning Clash song? Mine would usually be Magnificent 7 or Janie Jones, both a bit obvious I accept but needless to say perfectly equipped for the task of facing a Monday morning. It’s not a bad Monday though, it rained all night and is lovely and sunny this morning and I’ve got a job I like and had a superb weekend. Why moan.

I vowed to myself to try and stick to three resolutions on the blog this year and we’ll see how that goes. One was to post at least six times a week and keep things current even if I’m not in a writing mood. So far so good. The other two were to keep a steady rotation of past regular features such as Video Clash, The Clash Cup, Lost in the Supermarket, Clash Landmarks and so on. The third was to keep more current on events relating to the band to make sure people are informed.

Thus we haven’t done Clash shopping/Lost in the Supermarket for months and months so I thought we’d have a quick look at what is out there. I don’t endorse any products but look at thing that range from the banal to the brilliant and most things in between. Clash collectors are a keen bunch and some of the stuff that appears on ebay and elsewhere is majestic, some of what you see is just tat of course. Anyway, with all links just click on the title for more information or on the images to enlarge and open the gallery.

 combat rock clock Lost in the Supermarket 10   guitars, hats, prints and clocksCombat Rock Clock – $26 :I tend to think that vinyl should be placed on a turntable and listened to and if you look at the sales of vinyl over the last 5 years you’d see that many agree with me. It is really exciting to see vinyl making a comeback although obviously it will never again dominate music sales. It has at least come back from the precipice of complete extinction that it looked like facing. It’s strange to go into record shops now and see vinyl sections (especially used) keep expanding. On the other hand this clock on Etsy shows another use for old Clash vinyl, in this case Combat Rock. Etsy is great as everything is made and sold by private artists, this one happens to be right here in San Diego.

stay free etsy Lost in the Supermarket 10   guitars, hats, prints and clocksConcept Poster – $18 : There are literally dozens of homemade posters on the market and it all comes down to personal taste but I like this. These lyrics from Stay Free also seem to be perhaps the most quoted Clash lines amongst the Clash community, as opposed to what the media always use. The appeal of this print for me is the simplicity of it, printed on 270g paper it is A4 in size (21cm x 29.7 cm / 8.3 × 11.7 inch) and is also available in an A3 for a few dollars less. It ships from Argentina.

London Calling Needlework pattern $6 : The last one from Etsy for now serves two purposes. Do you have an aunt or granny who loves knitting and sometimes feels under-appreciated? If you pick up this pattern for the London Calling sleeve she will keep occupied and finally make you something you love. No shipping costs as the PDF pattern will be emailed to you. 195H x 185W stitches and is only 6 easy colors. The pattern can be used for crocheting, knitting, cross stitch, needlepoint or beading.

clash beanie Lost in the Supermarket 10   guitars, hats, prints and clocksClash Beanie $17 : I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing a beanie as with my face it looks like I’ve had a lobotomy but I appreciate that they look alright on certain people. If you do have to wear one than this might be the way to go as the woolen hat features the logo art from Know Your Rights on a two stripe military patch. Two stripes equals a corporal I think in the British Army which I think is acceptable.

clash boston vanaria Lost in the Supermarket 10   guitars, hats, prints and clocksLtd. Edition B/W image of The Clash Boston, 1979 $800 : I never know how to feel about things priced for the elite collector. I fully appreciate that it is an exceptional photograph and I have no idea what the overheads are in producing photos of this quality, at the same time it seems to be the opposite of what the band stood for. It is a limited run of 100 and a silver gelatin print, hand-signed by the photographer, 1-inch wide black hardwood frame and approximately 2-inch wide white archival mat on all sides. Catherine Vanaria was active on the Boston music scene in the 70s and 80s.  She shot The Clash at the Orpheum Theatre in September 1979.

Fender Telecaster Joe Strummer + Hard Shell Case – $549 : I think the retail on these new from Fender is almost double the price so this seems (relatively affordable). It is for sale in New York via Craigslist and has barely been used. Used twice in a smoke free studio. Like new with vintage hard shell case and the seller says feel free to email for any additional info or pictures.

joe telecaster nyc Lost in the Supermarket 10   guitars, hats, prints and clocks

That should be enough for today as time didn’t even allow me to look at ebay but I hope you enjoy some of these. More from me soon and more Clash items on sale in the weeks ahead. Thanks for reading and sharing as usual.


pixel Lost in the Supermarket 10   guitars, hats, prints and clocks

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