Billy Bragg’s John Peel lecture circles back to The Clash

Good evening and welcome back to the blog, I hope all is well in your corner of the world. Last time I was here I promised a return to more regular blogging and I think that was a bit premature as the weekend was a bit busier than expected. Good busy though, so I shall not complain. Let’s back on track starting today instead.

First up I wanted to thank Subway Gallery in London for allowing me to share a handful of the photographs that will be featuring in the ‘Permanent Record’ exhibit featuring the work of Julian Yewdall over the next four weeks. It really does look like a special exhibit and if you get along to it and want to share your thoughts please write in to the usual place. Thanks! The photographs appear below, just click on the first image to get the gallery rolling, see the last post for more information – it launches this week.

All images the official rights of Julian Yewdall, not to be copied or shared without permission.

Not for the first time I wanted to mention Billy Bragg, in part because he always pays credit to The Clash for making him want to make a difference with his own music and in part because I’ve always had a lot of fondness for him. Speaking of fondness; along with Strummer/Jones, Bragg and Brady one of the most important people for me growing up was none other than John Peel. Peel’s nightly broadcasts were always 30% stuff that was amazing, 50% stuff you’d never heard of and 20% stuff that he surely must have been playing for himself. Like hundreds of thousands of others the music that he introduced me to and in turn supported (Bragg being one of the many) made a huge difference to our listening years. It was fitting then that Bragg was asked to give this years John Peel Lecture live from the 2012 Radio Festival in Salford on 12 November. Bragg’s lecture spoke about how John Peel influenced him and how he first got played on his show, how much of a difference punk rock and in particular The Clash made to his generation and most intriguingly how good new musical talent can still raise it’s collective head above the parapet and get itself noticed. It is refreshing to hear in the UK at least that radio is still backing new young acts beyond the crap that is manufactured via television ‘talent’ shows. It is well worth a listen and as I’ve said before few people are still as outspoken about the importance of The Clash (other than us) as Billy Bragg. You can find it in its entirety below.

I’ll be back very soon, in the meantime the links for today’s post are as follows:

A Permanent Record exhibition | Billy Bragg official site | John Peel centre for creative arts | BBC Six Music Peel Lecture microsite



pixel Billy Braggs John Peel lecture circles back to The Clash

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