Be part of the audience for an interview with The Clash on September 6th via BBC 6 Music

Monday again here on a weekend that went by far too quickly, I hope yours seemed to last a bit longer. Before cracking on I wanted to ask those who might have missed the comments on the last post about Joe Strummer which were brilliant. Nothing makes me happier as a blogger than seeing you take the time to write simply excellent replies to the post, a good number of you took the time to write thought-provoking and lengthy replies which only adds huge value to the whole idea of this blog. So thank you so much for writing and sharing your thoughts.

So a busy weekend as usual coincides with activity in the realm of The Clash that I would imagine has people buzzing in England. For over a week now BBC (Radio) 6 Music have been telling listeners that Clash fans simply must not miss this Sunday’s broadcast. I was hoping that it was the resurrection of the long overdue Sandinista! legacy edition expanding it to include demos, outtakes and live tracks but again I was dissappointed. The good news however is that Paul, Topper and Mick will be recording a Q&A format interview on September 6th at the BBC (to be broadcast shortly thereafter) with an audience of Clash fans no less. Better still this isn’t an invitation only event and will require you knowing someone but guests will be picked at random by entering for tickets to attend on the 6 Music website – the link you’ll need to request tickets is here.

You can request two passes and need to provide full contact details and an address, I’ve tried the form and you do need a UK mailing address. If you’re feeling lucky and will be able to travel over from France or Italy (or wherever) I’d suggest you using a friend in the UK’s address? Perhaps someone will volunteer to be that friend in the comments below?

bbc the clash Be part of the audience for an interview with The Clash on September 6th via BBC 6 Music

Of course there will be a huge submission of entries to try and win tickets so I’m depending on a handful of Clash Blog readers to infiltrate and be amongst the masses on September 6th. If I manage to win tickets I’ll give them away via the site to someone who will be in London on the date in question as I can’t be due to lack of cash needless to say.

Having the three lads in this environment with fans in the audience opens up great possibilities, instead of the stock/generic questions that are usually plied by broadcasters and dj’s this is a great chance to ask something you’ve always wanted to ask. I can’t wait to find out what date the interview will air and also whether any of you will be in that audience. Hosting the show will be Cerys Matthews which is I suppose an alright choice,  the former lead singer of Catatonia should essentially be the MC leaving the questions to the audience. She said (honestly…she must have read this…)

“I am thrilled to be talking with Mick, Paul and Topper at length on 6 Music and will be asking them about their early years, their inspirations and where life has taken them since. Out of the smouldering wreckage of the late Seventies The Clash broke onto the scene with a searing honesty that cut a clear message through the smoke. Their music questioned and defined the world around them and with a folk troubadour mentality and a boom box aloft they created a potent soundtrack for the times.”

One rumour that won’t quite go away is whether there is any inclination/pressure/desire for the band to play live together. I honestly think that without Joe there will never be a majority consensus amongst the remaining three to see it happen – even once. If you arrive on the day of the recording and a drum kit is set up I expect to be seeing a tweet – but my money remains on that not happening and I hope (overall) that it doesn’t.

Naturally events like this are lined up with the Sound System box set in mind but it is great to see the BBC getting behind that via a format that everyone around the world will be able to hear. I would not be surprised to see the event video taped also so hopefully we might have a chance to see it as well as hear it.  I wonder if the collective might of Sony Music might even see the three heading over to the USA in Septemeber for further promotion?

The deadline for ticket requests is Sunday August 25th, as I mentioned you can apply for 2 tickets and have to be 18 years of age and they only have 80 pairs of tickets to give away. The recording takes place at BBC Maida Vale studios with doors opening at 330pm on Friday September 6th. Good luck and all that – let me know if any of you win!

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pixel Be part of the audience for an interview with The Clash on September 6th via BBC 6 Music
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10 Responses to “Be part of the audience for an interview with The Clash on September 6th via BBC 6 Music”

  1. Pete Stevens says:

    Thought I should apply Tim, but I’m still dealing with all the photos from last night up at ‘Acton Square Gardens’….. Just to report that in the remnants of our British summer there was an amazing outdoor gig up in North Acton last night outside Mick’s bunker with lots of artists performing (for free) for Rotten Hill TV…. Highlights for me were The Computers and The Jim Jones Revue who blew the place apart. Mick loved it ! It’s nice sometimes to be just a short bus ride away !!!

  2. Mark Taylor says:

    Have managed to get hold of 2 tickets.. Only 80 places available but have been told more than 80 tickets have been issued due to some people possibly not turning up on the day(if that makes sense)! Does anyone know how many extra tickets might have been issued,,,,,, first come first served basis?

  3. Nathalie says:

    Do they ‘ve already give the names of the people who won the tickets?

  4. Rich F says:

    The winners have been notified by email.

  5. Danny O' B says:

    Hi Tim

    Got notified today that I have got two tickets. Travelling down from Glasgow but should be worth the journey. I wonder if there will be a chance to get some photos taken with the boys? Maybe you could use your contacts to ask the question.


  6. Nathalie says:

    Then I haven’t won :( Anyway, I’ll travelling from France for the week-end with my son … We will wait around the studios …Maybe a chance…
    And saturday :
    PS. Cool for you Danny

  7. trevor fisk says:

    just picked up my no email too.i am only in chelmsford so on the off chance
    anyone out there cant make it .i can get there at short notice.good luck to everyone with tickets.

  8. Rich F says:

    If anyone can get their details to me I may be able to help :-)

  9. nathalie says:

    To help for tickets???

  10. nathalie says:

    I’m not sure to understand Rich but in case
    my mail is

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