B.A.D. reunion won’t be all ‘Pink Floydy says Mick Jones

Good evening again, an especially exuberant afternoon at Clashblog towers as my prediction yesterday for Arsenal grabbing an unexpected win against Barcelona © ‘the best team in the world’ came true and even by the exact result I suggested. By far the most entertaining moment of 2011 for me thus far and just the pickup I needed. I’ve just finished listening to another entertaining thing though – the Mick Jones interview on Radio 2 yesterday. I linked it yesterday but here you are again in case – just forward to 1:16:50 to hear the interview in full. Mick was in exceptionally good form, full of energy, stories and laughs. If you ever doubted how much he enjoyed touring with Gorillaz last year you just need to listen to him talk about it (The Gorillaz as he puts it). He also chats about B.A.D., the R+R Public Library and the Westway briefly. Great to hear him so chipper, he promises the reunion won’t be “all difficult and Pink Floydy”.

Just a bit more housekeeping, I’m still taking entries to win the Joe Strummer DVD until tomorrow so please check out the podcast and email your answer so I can put your name in the proverbial hat. I should have the results and a new podcast either Friday or Saturday.

Right then I might need your help with this one. Has anyone got the files for or seen an upload of the recent BBC 4 broadcast ‘Reggae Brittania’ (see preview below)? Not only did it feature quite a lot of Paul Simonon but by all accounts it was a really enjoyable TV programme in general. If you have seen an upload anywhere please get in touch so I can include it on the blog.

0 B.A.D. reunion wont be all Pink Floydy says Mick Jones

Reggae Brittania

gruen simonon jones B.A.D. reunion wont be all Pink Floydy says Mick Jones

image courtesy Bob Gruen

I’m beginning to get a bit anxious about the likelihood of a small North American tour by Big Audio Dynamite. Common sense suggests it would follow on naturally after the Coachella appearance starting on the West Coast. We are now exactly two months away from the Coachella Festival and I’m just looking at the logistics of planning, promoting and selling tickets for a short US Tour. With 60 days to go I’m concerned that if there is no announcement in the next 10 days or so the best we might be able to hope for is an extra day or two rather than a mini tour. If that’s the case I’m guess you would be looking at Los Angeles and New York as the two dates – that would be the definition of hard to get ticket. We need a ticket strategy North American Clash friends…or someone at Sony music to tell us the inside story!

I’m probably going to wrap it up there for tonight, all that’s left is to show you this open letter to Justin Bieber that suggests he introduce himself to The Clash before its too late. Have a good one – and never write off Robin Van Persie. Tim

pixel B.A.D. reunion wont be all Pink Floydy says Mick Jones

The future is unwritten, so share it
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9 responses to “B.A.D. reunion won’t be all ‘Pink Floydy says Mick Jones”

  1. Am I the only guy in North America who didn't bump into Mick when he came through town with Gorillaz?
    If BAD comes I will wait around all day and night to get him to sign an LP version of London Calling. Just point me in the right direction, anybody, please.

  2. By the way, does anybody have an extra LP version of London Calling for me?

  3. Gabey Lucas via Face says:

    I like what the Pittsburgh Post-gazette writer had to say

  4. Gabey Lucas via Face says:

    nah I didn't see Mick either when I saw him! I did yell "SING MICHAEL SING!!!" and I think he heard me

  5. Dom says:

    That Clash story right next to Bieber on that RS cover was DEFINITELY planned. The fact that they could have picked any other story, one that was actually relevant, instead of choosing THAT one… I don't know why they chose to put "The Clash" next to Bieber's face like that (to piss us off maybe?) but it was definitely not accidental. I think most people know the story behind 'punk's greatest band' by now anyway, with all these films and books being made about the band…

  6. Clash'o' P says:

    Hey that dude in the photo looks like Stewart Copeland, drummer extraordinnaire!!!
    gotta love Mick…he still calls Cream "The Cream" too…
    who cares, he a freakin genius he can say whatever he wants…I do hope BAD comes to NY, but then again, maybe the library is going to take up a lot of his time this spring and summer and we will see BAD in the fall…hope springs eternal! I am sincerely happy that your team won Timxxxxxxxxxx

  7. luiz paulo says:

    calm to all fans of BAD no danger of a Floyd becomes why do they do there "like they do" and not for being better than another member's name and this unity and friendship.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am getting a bit worried about BAD touring America. My fingers are crossed.

    Spending quite a bit of time trolling for info on the web. No news is not good news in this case, I think.

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