Another view of Mick Jones joining Joe Strummer on stage in Acton, November 2002

I know, I know; second post in two days and hoping that people are coming back to read it. This is it I hope, the end of a barren spell when finding the time to write and the discipline to do so eluded me for a while. I blame the government/weather/royal family/economy. Anyway I do plan to get back to near daily updates so I sincerely hope you’ll be along for the ride. If checking back isn’t the most convenient thing for you just add the facebook page for the blog to your likes or sign up for the RSS feed/feedburner and it’ll come directly to you.

the clash complete control cbs Another view of Mick Jones joining Joe Strummer on stage in Acton, November 2002A quick thing to be getting on with, which is a must see video which can be easily accomplished by hitting the play button below. This was one of those things that got sent to me during the hiatus and I wanted to make sure it got included today. Of course by now you’re all very familiar with the historic Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros concert for the FBU at Acton Town Hall on November 15th, 2012. That was the night when the unscheduled appearance of Mick Jones up on stage during Bankrobber and for the final numbers of the evening’s set changed Clash history permanently. Not only was it the first time the two had shared a stage since Mick’s dismissal from the band almost twenty years earlier it also was a symbolic moment that the friendship of the two was once more cemented. Those who were there saw something that most of us would give our eye teeth for. What are eye teeth? In the decade since I hope you’ve all seen the excellent recorded footage of proceedings by Alan Miles which went on to make the documentary “The Last Night London Burned” for posterity. I’ve watched that countless times as it makes for such an emotional ‘wish i was there’ moment that was able to somehow bridge the decades. As if that wasn’t enough the significance was magnified ten-fold by Joe Strummer passing away the following month.

What I hadn’t seen until very recently was another view of the same moments captured by an audience member. The sound and video quality aren’t exactly stellar but that is a bit like criticising the tyres on a 1973 Jensen Interceptor which of course is my preferred car to be ran over by should my life happen to end that way.


Mick Jones joins Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros in Acton, November 15th 2002

The video is above and if anyone knows the full identity of the owner (Steve Duff?) please let me know so I can say a fuller thank you. Watch it first just for the full experience but then go back and watch Joe do a double-take, Mick finding the years apart have been erased and both of them probably sensing that this was so long overdue. Hope you like it half as much as I’ve done. Have a good night Clash people.

pixel Another view of Mick Jones joining Joe Strummer on stage in Acton, November 2002
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17 Responses to “Another view of Mick Jones joining Joe Strummer on stage in Acton, November 2002”

  1. Ian M. Shipp via Fac says:

    im with Haddon on this…feckin brillo!!!

  2. Quite frankly, seeing it from the 4th moon of Saturn would make me happy. Instead I was stuck at work in Birmingham at the time!!!

  3. Gil Warguez via Face says:

    Watched it last week. :)

  4. Brenda Siegelman via says:

    lovely piece of video.

  5. Michael says:

    "Play the guitar man!…….Play the guitar man!" Leave it to Joe to use so few words to say so many things. Truly classic. Thanks Tim.

  6. Brenda Siegelman via Facebook says:

    lovely piece of video.

  7. Watch it again Gil…play along !

  8. Gil Warguez via Face says:

    Very well then, Tim. I like how Joe didn't act surprised when he saw Mick. It was a magical moment.

  9. David "Cannon&q says:

    Ive just wiped my tears away having watched Joe singing Bankrobber@Acton Town Hall for the FBU Benefit and boy does it bring back memories,wonderful memories that I will cherish foreve

  10. RUCKUS ROB says:

    This was filmed by Nyle Shepherd from Leeds!!! I Have the whole show. Will notify you when I get it loaded onto Youtube.

  11. jndnbrr says:


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